It’s been a while… David Eby still sucks

Hello to all! We miss the wonderful and supportive community on this site, especially those that have been sending numerous emails of moral support and general shit talk. The admin team manages several sites, but this is a prized piece […]

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Dear People/CBC/BC Gov

There is no way this website will ever go down. When will people understand? Fox does not run this website! The BC Government and courts have failed numerous times to shutdown a website displaying factual information with PROOF. CBC has […]

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Just so everyone knows – New content!

This site is not ran by one person! If you’ve read the disclaimer it’s clear that “This site is maintained by people. It doesn’t matter which people. It’s not you, so don’t worry about it”. The website will never go […]

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Dear David Eby

Dear Mr. Eby: You may recall a few months back I sent you a letter, while I was still in custody at North Fraser Pretrial Centre, about the BC Prosecution Service (BCPS) refusing to prosecute me for criminal harassment based […]

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Ah, Dang! Not This Website Again!

Yes! That’s right, ya dirty ass lickers! This website is back – and it’s back with a motherfucking vengeance. You thought there was lots of proof of Desiree’s evilness, her despicableness, her downright horribleness, before? Ha! Now there’s audio and […]

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James Has Finally Had Enough of Desiree’s Bullshit

James Pendleton, Desiree’s fiancé, the dude our happy hooker has been sucking a free ride off of for the past year, appears to have finally come to his senses and told the bitch it’s time for her to go.

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My Medical Marijuana Application

Here’s a copy of the medical marijuana card application I was able to get my weed card with. Like most potheads in good health, with no qualifying medical conditions, I lied about suffering from fibromyalgia.

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I Haven’t Taken My Kids to the Dentist Since January 2013!

Like trailer park mothers the world over, I always have time and money for weed and beer, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be bothered with stupid shit like my kids’ medical and dental care! Yes, it’s been over 3 years since I’ve taken my kids to the dentist. And I am damn proud of how wonderful of a mother I am!

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Oh, to Work at Pima Community College

I recently submitted my resume to Pima Community College for a Systems Analyst type position. Today, they came to this website and had a good, thorough look around. I wonder if they’re going to call me in for an interview?

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Until I Am Destitute and Homeless – Just Like I Did to Him

The news media made a big deal about Patrick saying he would not take down this site until I am “destitute and homeless”. But what they didn’t tell you, is that is exactly what I did to him in 2013. Because of my deliberate actions, Patrick ended up homeless, in a foreign country, with only the clothes on his back and nary a penny in his pocket. He spent 3 months in homeless shelters, doing day labor, while he struggled to get back on his feet.

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I Fucked Myself by Doing a Live Interview

The day after the CBC story ran, I did a live interview on a radio show. Because it was live, I contradicted almost everything I had claimed in the CBC and other stories, and admitted a bunch of shit I shouldn’t have. I really fucked myself on this one. This post includes a recording of that entire interview.

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NBC Affiliate KVOA Tucson and Matthew Schwartz Are Completely Full of Shit

Matthew Schwartz of KVOA (NBC affiliate) in Tucson, Arizona did a segment on Patrick, Desiree, and this website entitled “Internet Intimidation”. The entire piece was so full of factual errors, and completely from the perspective of Desiree. This post shows, with proof, how incredibly full of shit Matthew Schwartz and that segment are.

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Natalie Clancy and the CBC Are Kinda Pretty Fulla Shit

We review the CBC segment about this website which caused all that ridiculous attention it was getting in early 2016. We show, with hard proof, that the reporter, Natalie Clancy, deliberately withheld evidence and distorted the facts to make the story seem entirely one sided (in Desiree’s favor).

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Exposing My Kids to Domestic Violence, And Loving It!

This website says I’m a child abuser. Here’s one example of how I knowingly and willingly put my children in harm’s way. Includes the actual police report and photographs taken by the police, of a bloody Michael Capuano.

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You See? I Really Was a Stripper…and Prostitute

This website says I was a stripper. I adamantly deny that! Anyway, in this post we include the Pinellas County, Florida police report of the time I was arrested…for being a stripper…at the strip club, where I was working as a stripper!

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The Time I Tried To Sell My Baby

Four months after mine and Patrick’s son was born I was having second thoughts about all this parenting bullshit. I called around, to some adoption agencies, trying to see how much money I could get for him.

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I Finally Admit I Had Patrick Deported – And it Was Recorded!

For years, I’ve been adamantly denying I had anything at all to do with Patrick being deported from the US. Then recently, in family court, I accidentally admitted it in front of the judge – and the whole thing was recorded. The recording is included in this post.

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Desiree and James Hire Hack Attorney to Jack Them Off

Hello!  This is Patrick…and I’m actually writing as Patrick, because it would be difficult, otherwise, to make the kind of outrageous mockery I am about to of Desiree’s and James’ new attorney – Peter Limperis, of Haralson, Miller, Pitt, Feldman […]

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Desiree’s Response to the Time She Tried to Giver Herself an Abortion 5 Months into Her Pregnancy, Causing Her Son to be 3 Months Premature and Blind

Desiree insists the story of her attempting to self-abort her pregnancy, 5 months in, is a lie. But rather than simply obtaining the medical records to prove it, her response was to hire an attorney to try to keep her order of protection against Patrick from being vacated on appeal. If the story really was a lie Desiree could prove that in 5 minutes!

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The Time I Tried to Induce a Miscarriage at 5 Months

When I was 5 months pregnant with mine and Patrick’s son I tried to force a miscarriage, to give myself an abortion, by repeatedly punching myself in the stomach. As a result, our son was born 3 months premature, is blind in one eye, and has recurring respiratory complications. But still, I insist I’m a wonderful mother!

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The Significance of the Bad Stuff Desiree Did 10, 15 Years Ago

If a person did horrible things 15 years ago – and has continued, to this day, to do such things, then what they did 15 years ago is significant because it shows a consistent, lifelong pattern of bad behavior. It shows that is truly a bad person, to their very core.

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Desiree Backs Out of Doing the Dr. Phil Show

A few days ago Patrick was contacted by the Producer of the Dr. Phil show, about the possibility of appearing on the show, to discuss this website.  Of course, he agreed.  How could he pass up the opportunity to confront […]

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An Unexpected Twist in My Marriage to Patrick

Patrick and I were married in August, 2000.  We separated in October, 2001.  Patrick filed for divorce in December 2001.  Soon thereafter, I disappeared from his life and the divorce became a low priority.  Nothing further happened with it and […]

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You Know You’re White Trash When…

Following is a list of typical female, white trash characteristics. If you notice that you have a few of the characteristics it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re white trash – but the more you have the more likely you are white […]

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My Son’s Opinion of This Website

Hello, peoples! I am writing to inform all of those people who keep insisting that Patrick is harming his son by having this website up, what the reality of the situation is. Our son called him this evening.  They chatted.  […]

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That Crazy CBC Story

Good day, friends. First, I have to give props to Natalie Clancy and the folks at CBC for running that story about this website. I mean, I claim this site is ruining my life yet I go to the media […]

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My Desperate Attempts to Get People to Listen to Me

On January 15, Patrick was looking at the access logs of this site and he happened to notice a bunch of hits from the CBC studio in Vancouver.  “Interesting”, he thought.  Over the next few weeks he saw, in the […]

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More Proof of Desiree’s and James’ Stupidity

It would seem that our friends Desiree Capuano and James Pendleton have somehow deluded themselves into believing their simple “no-contact” restraining orders are actually some kind of injunction against free and open speech. In a declaration Desiree recently submitted to […]

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Highlights from My Order of Protection Hearing

As some of you know, James and I recently attended a hearing against Patrick for the Order of Protection I got against him, and the Injunction Against Harassment James got against him. I thought I’d share with you some of […]

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Trashy, Ghetto People and Honoring Agreements

Background A few months ago Patrick sent me a written request (via email), for our son, to visit with him over his winter break. Patrick didn’t expect that I would permit it because I had already told the RCMP that […]

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Did I Happen to Mention I’m an Amazing Hypocrite?

Yes.  I am.  I see nothing wrong with doing things to people, then when they do the same to me I run to the police.  Let me give you two examples: Disseminating Damaging Information In 2012, when Patrick still had […]

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It’s a White Trash Christmas

Just a quick post to say my mother, Teresa Hoffman, came down to Sahuarita, to my beautiful home that I’ve taken over from James, for some Christmas cheer. It’s great when the lowly bottom dwellers get to rise up from […]

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No, I Would Not Feel Harassed!

When James Pendleton was questioning Patrick on in court the other day, James asked him if he would feel harassed if James were to publish information about him on a website as Patrick has been doing to James. Patrick replied […]

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Patrick’s Sick Obsession with Desiree Capuano

Yesterday Patrick went to court against Desiree and her boyfriend James Pendleton, to contest the ridiculous Order of Protection and Injunction Against Harassment they respectively obtained against him back in July. During the hearing Pendleton repeatedly made reference to Patrick’s […]

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And Just Where Have All My Loving Friends Gone?

Hello!  This is Patrick – the creator and maintainer of this tribute to the great Desiree Capuano. I have to say, I’m finding it very interesting that I’ve not received more feedback from the supposed many people, the friends and […]

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Of Anal Sex and Cooking Oil

Hello, dear friends.  This is going to be a short one.  I was reminiscing about the good old days when I was still young and good looking and could use sex to get what I want, and I remembered this […]

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Green Valley Hospital, Career Prospects, and this Website

We’re going to break from the usual practice of writing in the first person, from the perspective of Desiree, for the purposes of this post.  Mainly because it wouldn’t make much sense otherwise. Recently, while looking through the access logs […]

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The Ridiculousness of My Harassment Claims Against Patrick

Back in the summer of 2014 I contacted the Phoenix Police and filed a harassment claim against Patrick. In my usual fashion, I portrayed myself as the poor, helpless, innocent victim who had done nothing wrong and who was being […]

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James’ Attempts to Get This Site Taken Down

Anybody with half a brain should be able to realize fairly quickly that this site is not maintained by me.  Even though the content is generally written in the first person, there is a very clear statement at the bottom […]

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I’ve Had My Husband Arrested…Again!

I got an email from Patrick (yes, we’re still married) on the weekend, where he points out that James Pendleton, my current boyfriend that I just moved in with publicly claims to have “Top Secret Security” clearance and that if […]

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My New Home and Job

As you may know, I never stay at one residence for more than 2 years. And, since I was nearing the two year mark at the place on 44th Street, it was time to move. My new home is now […]

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Audio Recording of My Arrest

Hey, all! I finally got around to uploading the audio from my arrest on my son’s birthday, 2011. As you can hear, the detectives came to my place looking for Kris for that counterfeit money scheme he was involved in […]

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My Mugshot from My Arrest for Possession of Marijuana

Hi, everyone! I haven’t updated this site in a while so I thought I’d throw something new on here. Nothing too exciting, just the mugshot of me from my arrest for possession of weed. Stupid, right? In this day and […]

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Medical Marijuana Cards

It seems the State has been cracking down on 24 – 35 year olds claiming to have chronic and debilitating pain caused by fibromyalgia and other unverifiable conditions in order to get their pot legally…oh, shit, wait…I’m one of them. […]

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