Ah, Dang! Not This Website Again!

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Yes! That’s right, ya dirty ass lickers! This website is back – and it’s back with a motherfucking vengeance.

You thought there was lots of proof of Desiree’s evilness, her despicableness, her downright horribleness, before? Ha! Now there’s audio and video recordings of her committing perjury at Patrick Fox’s trial, and her interviews with the RCMP. There’s recordings of Desiree laughing and joking with the RCMP about all of this – about the same shit she pretended to cry about on the witness stand. There’s hard proof that the prosecutor (what Canadians call “Crown Counsel”), Mark Myhre, colluding with the court appointed defense counsel, Tony Lagemaat, to suppress extensive critical evidence that proved Desiree was lying and Patrick was innocent, and to knowingly present her false testimony. It goes on and on.

So all you angry, man-hating feminists who got your nipples all twisted up when CBC ran their entirely misleading story about Patrick and this website back in 2016 can go ahead and scream and cry and write your angry comments and complain to the government and the prosecutors and the police and anyone else you want to, because you know what? This website is here, and it’s not located in Canada, and it’s not being published by Patrick, and every single word on it is true…and it ain’t goin’ anywhere! So how ’bout you just shut the fuck up and worry about your own life rather than sticking up for a sociopathic, compulsive liar, who openly lied to you on the news media and later admitted to it at the trial – that’s right, sweet little Desiree admitted that Yes! she was a stripper; and Yes! she does have a drug problem; and Yes! she did defraud the public with her GoFundMe page. The recordings and transcripts of her testimony are all right here on this wonderful website.

If you like this website, then great – I hope you continue to get a kick out of it. And if you don’t like this website then just don’t come to it you fucking idiot!

Oh, and by the way, there’s a lot more new stuff to come: we look forward to showing you all how the news media deliberately ignored all the evidence against Desiree – including her own admissions; the recordings of Mark Myhre’s meetings with Patrick where he admits that if Patrick just took the website down then they’d drop the charges, and Myhre’s admission that he knows Desiree was lying/faking; and all that wonderful evidence that IRCC, CBSA and DHS knew all along that Patrick wasn’t a Canadian citizen but deported him to Canada anyway (like recordings where they openly admit it).

In the meantime, here’s some new shit for you to check out: Here’s Desiree laughing with the RCMP about punching herself in the stomach to try to force a miscarriage when she was pregnant with their son, {G*****}, which cause him to be born 3 months premature and blind in one eye:

What a sweetheart!

Cheers, Fuckers!

10 Responses to Ah, Dang! Not This Website Again!

  1. Elmer Smith says:

    I felt sick to my stomach listening to that recording. And all those people who jump to her defence — extraordinary.

  2. ROGS says:

    Hello. I write about the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex, aka the DVIC, and I just found your website. It looks like you have one of those women who has kids for profit, aka Baby Farming, and her and the DVIC and its police//court sytems have sort of disrupted your life.

    Is that a fair assessment?

    If so, I would like to interview you.

    Please contact me at [hidden]

  3. Fight the Good Fight says:

    Good for you. You could be describing my piece of shit “mother” who shares so many similarities with this asshole.

  4. Tara says:

    Ok so Patrick wanted to make her life miserable via this website because she withheld the son from him. Isn’t the son close to being an adult now and can make decisions for himself so then why this website? I’m so confused.

    • Patrick says:

      Yes, my son is now an adult.

      But you need to consider, that just after my arrest in 2016, Desiree completely cut off all contact between him and I. I tried, repeatedly, to contact him at the only number I had – his/Desiree’s home number – and Desiree promptly contacted the RCMP, claiming I was attempting to violate the “no contact” order by calling HER. She then had her number blocked by the jail so I wasn’t able to call it anymore. Also, James Pendleton stated, in his interview with the RCMP on 2016-07-13 (at line 633), that he had cut off all communication between me and my son. I’ve written him, but I’m confident Desiree and James did not give him the letters. In addition, Desiree and James also cut off all his contact with every other person who had been in his life prior to 2011 when Desiree began all her attacks on us (yes, I do mean “attacks” – she’s the one that came to LA in 2011 and tried to abduct him to another state, she’s the one that pursued a deliberate effort to have me arrested and deported from the US based on false allegations so she could gain custody, she’s the one that refused to allow him to visit me after I was deported, she’s the one that gradually cut off our contact, she’s the one that committed over 100 instances of perjury at my criminal harassment trial, she’s the one that went on the news media falsely claiming to believe I would go to Arizona and murder her).

      So, you have Desiree and James telling him I’m a bad person on one side, then you have all that biased, one sided news coverage on the other. I can understand how he would start to believe it.

      Since I’ve been out of custody, I’ve tried to locate him, but I haven’t had any luck so far. He’s changed his name. I’ve heard that he’s in university now. If he doesn’t want me in his life I would respect that – even if it’s based on lies and manipulation by Desiree, the Vancouver justice system, and the Canadian news media. I only hope he’s doing well, pursuing his goals, and is happy. I only want him to have a good life, even if that life doesn’t include me.

      So yes, if he was interested in being in contact with me he knows where to reach me – an email address is at the bottom of every page of this website. And yes, he has not contacted me since May 2016. But that’s his choice and I accept it, just like keeping this website online is my choice and I accept whatever consequences that brings.

      • Yaddle says:

        Ughh. This is all quite tragic.

        You landed in Vancouver and could have had a good career there: clean credit history and a six figure salary in a pretty nice city. When your son became an adult you could have sponsored him to move there and have dual citizenship. He sounds pretty bright. He could have attended UBC at relatively low cost and have had permanent health care coverage to care for issues his mom caused him when she was pregnant.

        Have you considered changing your name, dropping the website, and setting forth on a path toward redemption. Your success will be/would have been the best revenge against your unstable ex. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering

      • You can deflect but you cannot hide your deflection says:

        You didn’t answer the key question, why are you still doing this?

  5. Emo Kid says:

    So when a lady falsely accuses a man of harassment it’s best to collect the police statements and video interview, if any? Canadian women like to lie to be honest.

    • Elmer says:

      It’s best to wear a body cam at all times when dealing with women (especially an ex spouse). Women lie much more then men and peer reviewed literature have proven so. But women also cry more then men and are thus more sympathetic to idiot judges and idiot police in the legal system.

  6. hereee says:

    bro get over urself 😂

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