And Yet More Proof I’m Lying to You About My Ex-Husband Hiding Our Child – My Letters

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Letter from Desiree, 2011-03-08

In March 2011, while Patrick was still in custody, he received the attached letter from me.  The letter was in response to a line of communication he had started with me after I had been absent from his and our son’s lives for the past 9 years.

This letter was sent before all the backstabbing, lies, deceit, et cetera, had begun.  At this point Patrick and I were still on amicable terms.  Also, at this point I hadn’t actually been in contact with our son yet.

Essentially, in this letter I say:

  • …what made me stop fighting, was a conversation you and I had where you actually asked me not to take [our son]…
  • I remember the last email I sent you.  It was in response to you saying that no matter what, [our son] needs his mother.  It was not because I had given up on him – it was because you guys loved each other.
  • It tore me apart and it hurt ten time’s [sic] worse every time we talked or emailed or anything.  So I let you have him.
  • I will add here, that it absolutely killed me both times [our son] asked me to see him.  I had to think of some way to say no while telling him how so very much I wished I could.
  • I could search him out that is true – but why would I do that?
  • Although it did play a large part in why I didn’t come after [our son] over the years – or at least just try to contact him, it was not completely your fault.

Those are, of course, just a few specific quotes.  Don’t rely just on that – read the letter!

Some of you may say “But the letter is typed, it’s not hand written, it’s not signed.  How do we know it’s really from Desiree?”  Come on, people!  Do you think I’m that flaky that I would waste your time with something that I can simply deny?  That, and other letters I sent Patrick while he was in custody were attached as exhibits to a declaration in the family court in 2012.  In my responsive declaration I could have challenged their authenticity if there was any question about it – but I didn’t!  I conceded their authenticity.

So, as if that’s not enough proof that I’m full of shit, I even included, as an exhibit, a declaration from my own mother wherein my mother openly admits that in 2006 she was in full contact with Patrick and our son, she had been to their apartment, and she had babysat our son.  Of course, Teresa Hoffman is clearly as delusional a I am, as you can see from her claim that Patrick was in a bar, in Phoenix, with a gun on his belt, lining up bullets on the table [Comment from the Editor: It’s illegal to bring a firearm into an establishment which serves alcohol in Arizona].

Desiree Capuano, lying to your face on national television!

So, are there still people out there that do not yet believe that I have been playing you?  Is there anyone who is still actually thinking that I’m a good person, a kind person, a person worth defending?  Is a person (Desiree) who would falsely accuse another person (Patrick) of abducting a child and hiding that child from his mother for 9 years – is that a person you really want to defend?

And is there still anyone out there who still believes this website is disgusting and horrible and that Patrick is a monster for creating it?  Is it really wrong to think that a woman like me needs to be stopped and deserves everything this site has brought her?

And how can you not be angry with me after I cried my false tears on your television, and told you with such convincing sincerity all those lies.  Lies which were intended to do one thing: to make you feel sorry for me.  And boy did you suckers fall for it.

I suspect some of you are probably starting to get pretty pissed off at this woman who has the audacity to come into your homes (via the TV and the Internet – not literally) and so blatantly take advantage of your kindness, your compassion, your decency.  But I would ask you, please, don’t send me strongly worded emails, expressing your entirely justified disapproval – No, instead post those strongly worded messages on this website.  That way you can share your disapproval with the world rather than having it quietly ignored by a selfish narcissist who will probably just delete it anyway.

Good evening my friends.


8 Responses to And Yet More Proof I’m Lying to You About My Ex-Husband Hiding Our Child – My Letters

  1. ChangedPerspective says:

    Your evidence gets more and more in depth each day. It’s astounding how she could get away with all this.

    My husband is in Homeland Security and I told him what happened to you. He said if it had been him that was called to arrest you, he’d have arrested her instead and take her to court to be forced to pay for wasting his time, his coworkers’ time, taxpayer money, and recourses on all this. He has much bigger and more important things to do, like stopping drug cartels, than to respond to the petty whims of an ex with a grudge.

  2. mgumby says:

    This woman is ruthless the more I hear the more I hate the cheap slut

  3. jeff says:

    Ok so you say you will not stop unless she is homeless or she kills herself.

    Now if she is homeless that’s fine.
    But what I’m not fine with is if she kills herself.

    You do know if she kills herself due to this site. You yourself can and most likely will be charged.?

    Then where will your son go?

    Now before you say well they need proof of this site is what caused her to kill herslf.

    There is proof. The media when she said she can’t take anymore of this.

    And if she leaves a suicide note stating that she just could not take it anymore due to the site her ex husband made about her.

    So do the right thing here and just stop.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Desiree would never kill herself. She’s a narcissist and a sociopath. She would just find another man to leach onto and continue the cycle she’s been living all her life. She wants peoples’ pity and sympathy more than anything else – which explains why she went to the media with this and why she continues to go on television about it – even though she insists it ruined her life. Before she started going to TV it was ruining her life at a rate of 30 visitors per day. Now, in less than a week, more than 100,000 people have been to the site.

      She doesn’t care at all about this site – she just loves the attention she’s getting. And she’ll keep going on TV and crying to all the gullible viewers as long as she can.

  4. mgumby says:

    If she does its her choice she fucked up and this site is her consequence for her prior actions..that’s why thiers a justice system this woman has used it for her own bidding..whatever happens is the consequence of her actions and hers alone

  5. doug king says:

    I know what Diseree is. She’s a monster.

  6. Chris Sweeney says:

    You guys should see this fucked up women in person,I used to work with her till she got fired,she’s a total mess,just a worn out old druggie with definite mental problems !

  7. Esther Queen says:

    She’s amazing blind !!!! I can understand her being frustrated with this website.
    But what’s even worse !! How can she go on national TV claiming a huge lie just like that. When You (Patrick) all this time keep providing proof of everything.
    What’s wrong with her? Don’t she know all evidence is kept in the courts? And the fucking media doesn’t take the time to verify all this.

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