Dear People/CBC/BC Gov

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There is no way this website will ever go down.

When will people understand? Fox does not run this website!

The BC Government and courts have failed numerous times to shutdown a website displaying factual information with PROOF. CBC has failed to tell the truth, and they have chosen to take a side that lies and disregards evidence within court processes.

Must be the angry feminists telling David Eby to choke on their massive cocks. For an attorney general David Eby is one weak public servant. He literately allows corrupt due process, the disregard of evidence, poor fairness, and other shenanigan like this to happen on his watch!

More to come!!!

– Your lovely Admin Team!


12 Responses to Dear People/CBC/BC Gov

  1. Bloath says:

    You are a sad pathetic soul. Just shoot yourself.

  2. Sincere stranger says:

    Your life will improve if you let it go.

  3. John Don says:

    I’m so happy you are fighting the man. Don’t let anti-man corporations silence you! We know how the white supremacy system works. First they silence you on Facebook, then it’s straight into the over with you! never stop fighting for your right!

  4. Tyler Durden says:

    Absolutely based. Respect!

  5. Legal Abuse Canada says:

    Female here. It’s not about “anti – man,” it’s about anti – free speech and the Canadian Government trying to silence anyone who exposes corruption in our courts or even challenges the system and the abusive parasites that work within it and feed off the tax payer dollars (lawyers, Crown Counsel, Judges and Cops). Frankly, I don’t give a damn about what’s her name. She’s irrelevant. The Canadian legal system is broken. If this site remains up as a forum to expose rogue Crown Prosecutors, Judges, Lawyers and Cops then count me in as a fan and a supporter. If this site remains up to expose the arrogant scum who abuse their power, I will gladly be a contributor.

    • Editor says:

      Well that’s exactly what we are here for. We support you in your endeavour to expose this corrupt system, and thank you for the support to our current campaign.

  6. Kendra says:

    Lol fuck em just like the bitch this site was made for

  7. Czar Thomson says:

    Where the tit pics at bud?

  8. 11 says:

    Hell yeh brother fuck em. HH (HulkHogan)

  9. I says:

    Canada legal system is shit. We got no rights. We have no freedom of speech. Crown prosecutors are piece of shits.
    To be sentenced for 4 years over making a website like this is insanity. Fuck the police, crown prosecutor and judge.

  10. Monster salami says:

    As well Canada is not a ‘free’ country. If you don’t pay your taxes you go to jail and/or they garnish your wages! Fuck the BITCH this site was made for and fuck the RCMP and corrupt lawyers and politicians. FUCK THEM ALL!

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