I Haven’t Taken My Kids to the Dentist Since January 2013!

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Desiree Capuano on bed, in bath robe

Desiree Capuano, happy to not have to provide her children the absolute minimum of medical and dental care

I am a good mother!  Certainly a better parent than that fucker, Patrick!

But when you get right down to it, all the empty rhetoric and bullshit lies aside, the proof really is in the pudding – we are defined by our actions, not by the endless lies we tell people to make them believe we’re good people.

And so, what kind of a mother am I, really?  Well, back in March 2013, Patrick and I had a hearing scheduled in the family court, so to make sure Patrick couldn’t accuse me of being negligent, I took our son to the dentist.  Just for a cleaning and some X-rays.  So that when we went to court 2 months later I could say “See, I’m a good, responsible parent.”

HA! Since Patrick was deported around that time and I got sole legal and physical custody of our son, that was the last time I ever took our son to the dentist.  Hell, that was the last time I even took him to the doctor for any kind of check-up!

Yes, it has been over 3 years now and my son’s teeth can be all fucked up, decaying, full of cavities and shit, and I’d be none the wiser.  As you can see, when you get right down to it, I really just don’t give a fuck about my kids.  They’re just there to use a pawns against their fathers, right?  I mean, if I did have even the slightest bit of interest in being a parent, wouldn’t I want to make sure his teeth are healthy and clean?  Wouldn’t any decent, responsible parent want to make sure their children are healthy?

And, you can’t say it’s because I can’t afford it!  When I was working at Apollo Education Group (until September 2015) I had full medical and dental insurance, and both my kids were covered under it.  Patrick covers any and all medical related expenses, so any costs for G***** are not out of my pocket.

So just what can be my reasoning for being so incredibly negligent?  It’s simple: I actually, really don’t give a shit about my kids.  Is there really any question?  I have time and money for weed, for alcohol, for going to the bar – but to have to take a couple hours to bring my kids for a check-up and for dental cleaning…come on.

Cavities?  Braces?  Fungus growing on their gums?  Fuck it!  I can’t be bothered which such nonsense.


[Comment from the Editor: I wonder if James Pendleton is willing to pay for Desiree’s kids’ medical and dental care? Being with a single mother is a package deal, after all.]


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    Right on brother. keep up tha good work!!!

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