James Has Finally Had Enough of Desiree’s Bullshit

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Enhanced photograph of James Pendleton showing the effects of life with Desiree Capuano

Poor ol’ James Pendleton!

For the past few months, we’ve been speculating how long Desiree’s “fiancĂ©”, James Pendleton, was going to put up with her and her endless stream of lies, manipulation, and just general bullshit.  I, personally, expected he would last, at least, until the Fall, maybe even the Winter of 2016.

Well, according to an acquaintance of James (whom we’ll call “Robin”), he’s done.  He’s reached the point where he doesn’t believe a word out of Desiree’s mouth any more, he’s fed up with her lying to him and exploiting his basic decency.

Apparently, the backfiring of his and Desiree’s cockamamie scheme of going on the news about this website, was a significant factor.  Robin says James told her Desiree’s grand idea was that they would get people to start a GoFundMe page for her – you know, so she could hire an attorney to sue Patrick for defamation – and they’d pull in tonnes of donations.  But that blew up on them when Patrick published all that supporting evidence proving Desiree had lied about everything (e.g. that she really was a stripper, that she is a drug addict, that she does abuse her children, and that she is a racist white supremacist).  So, now James finds himself stuck with Desiree and her kids – her being high out of her mind 99% of the time, no money, and the laughing stock of his friends, family, and neighbors.

And, to make matters worse for poor James, apparently even he’s been having difficulty finding and holding on to work “because of this website”.  Though, to be fair, his difficulties are probably more because of his very public association with Desiree Capuano, and his general lack of competence as a software engineer and project manager, than because of this website (see An Objective Review of James Pendleton’s Resume).

So, James is angry most of the time; Desiree’s high most of the time, she sleeps most of the day, sits alone in their room most of the time, and takes her anger out on him (and on her kids too, of course).

Apparently, James told Desiree that she’s going to have to leave when her kids finish the school year (later this month).  But, being the fucked up psycho that she is, she didn’t acknowledge him.  Seriously!  She just sat there staring off into space.

So, it would seem, Desiree’s inevitable journey to destitution and homelessness is under way.  Too bad for her that she gained 50 pounds and now resembles a melting marshmallow – it’s going to be difficult for her to find another man to latch on to.


Good for you, James!  And it only took you 2 years to realize what everyone else figured out in 5 minutes.

19 Responses to James Has Finally Had Enough of Desiree’s Bullshit

  1. Chris Sweeney says:

    I would hope for James sake this is true,however like I’ve previously said James was strange here at Apollo,not very smart,has little self esteem, or social skills to get anyone else so even though for him kicking this druggie,skank,stripper to the curb would be a good thing for him he most likely won’t,these two almost seem made for each other.I and several others from Apollo here still read this site and laugh and are amazed at the crap from this druggie and stripper and some have even have commented how the hell did she last as long as she did at Apollo,of course than answer was because she “graduated” from here and couldn’t be seen as getting fired from the great place of her degree,but eventually we couldn’t keep her here,she had to go because of the other employees complaints and of course her drug abuse at work,sleeping with other employees,and numerous other company violations.We here at Apollo hope this is true and James had enough,unfortunately we don’t think James has “enough” to get rid of her !

    • Patrick says:

      From the research I’ve done on James, I don’t believe he’s a “bad” person (like Lauchner was/is), and I think he was taken in by Desiree and her wily charms. But the sudden and overwhelming realization that everything she had been telling him was all lies probably woke him up. And, Desiree is the type that will continue to insist her lies are true, even after it’s been proven she’s lying – and that really pisses people off (James, in this case).

      I can relate because I went through exactly the same thing with her. It was the time we were at the hospital after she had been punching herself in the stomach to try to terminate her pregnancy, and she told the doctors that she had never been pregnant before, that I realized she had lied about her father forcing her to have an abortion. At that point I realized she would say, literally, anything to get what she wants from people. I suspect James had a similar epiphany when he read the police reports, and listened to the recordings on this website.

      No matter how low someone’s self esteem might be, the realization that the person he thought he was so in love with has been using that perceived love to manipulate him, stings.

  2. stacy says:

    Goodness poor James picture. You’re horrible person:) He looks like a creature from the movie Lord of the Rings:) But on the post don’t you think you went a tiny bit too far? You don’t know first hand what the situation is. The comments might bring them together and stronger to show the world they won’t let your comments destroy them:)

    • Patrick says:

      Ah, but the entire post is based on speculation and hearsay, and I don’t give any indication it’s based on anything I heard directly (though, our friend “Robin” sees James at least a few times a week). I could be completely incorrect, but I’m pretty sure I’m pretty accurate.

      As for bringing them together, I’m fine with that. I have no preference either way. The only aspect of their relationship which would be of any interest to me is whether or not James is helping her financially, but at this point it’s pretty clear he’s broke.

      • stacy says:

        You think he told her to leave the house yesterday?

        • Patrick says:

          No. I think he told her to leave sometime shortly after they hired the attorney and I posted the police report about her being a stripper. I think he confronted her about that and she continued to deny it and that was the final straw. And, I think he started to realize he had made all those sacrifices for a bitch that was lying all the while.

          And, I think he realized he made an incredible fool of himself defending her on TV then everyone found out she lied. Which makes him look stupid because how can he be engaged to, and living with someone and not know she’s lying?

          • stacy says:

            Wow!! When you put it like that sounds bad (for him). I feel for the guy trying to help her so much and being lied to (by her).

  3. Chris Sweeney says:

    When you read the arrest report and Desiree being held in California in a mental heath facility that speaks volumes, and you know she never got any mental help,she just claims it’s everyone else who has problems and not her.Desiree used to talk about a lot of people behind their backs here at Apollo and that’s one reason she had no friends here,even the guys she was sleeping with weren’t her friends they just used her because she was an easy hoe. Desiree is a compulsive liar who couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it and she’s a master manipulator to people who don’t know her,once you get to know her you can easily see what shitty person she is and how she lies and uses people to get what she wants.Sad thing is I bet she has tried to lie to her family and I’m sure they read this site from time to time and now because of the court documents they know she’s lied to them all over the years.

  4. Mgumby says:

    LOL THIS IS HILARIOUS. well U almost got the two faced lying skank homeless I hope this is a lesson to all other con artists out there

  5. EagleNorthwest says:

    Would it be fair Mr. Fox, with regard your misfortune, to say you are a victim of your own circumstances and your ex merely exploited that? Four years locked up is not insignificant. Neither is identity fraud. She could’ve been nice sure, but the rash of emails between you (majority on your part) is far from civil.

    • Patrick says:

      Being Detained for Four Years

      You’re correct, being detained for four years is not insignificant. Though, Desiree had nothing to do with that. That occurred during the time while Desiree was absent (2007 – 2011). Also, keep in mind, the entire 4 years I was in custody was a combination of various durations of “pretrial detention” (being held without bail, while fighting the numerous charges filed against me by the Phoenix Police and ICE) and “administrative detention” (being held without bail while ICE tried to find any evidence at all that I was an illegal alien) – not one day of the total time I was in custody was actually for having been convicted of a single crime. Perhaps I’ll write a page detailing exactly what the circumstances of that 4 year detention was all about.

      Circumstances of My Own Doing?
      I’m not sure how you conclude they were “circumstances of my own doing”. ICE knew I was born in Florida. That’s why they’ve never charged me with illegal re-entry all those times I went back to the US and Desiree called them again. Because the immigration court entered an order of removal against me (in 2009), ICE has the “legal authority” to physically remove me from the US (they claim they’re just “enforcing that removal order”), but they know there’s no way they’d ever be able to get a conviction for illegal re-entry. What would need to be done to ensure ICE could not hassle me any more is the removal order from the immigration court would need to be vacated. But since I am happy living in Canada and have no intention or desire to return, permanently, to the US, that’s not really an issue for me.

      Identity Fraud?
      And where do you get the idea I committed identity fraud? I was very direct with both ICE and the Canadian Consulate, that I’m not the person ICE was insisting I was (a Canadian citizen). The Canadian Consulate decided I was that person based solely on ICE saying I was. As for me assuming the name Richard Riess, that’s not identity fraud – I never claimed I was not Patrick Fox, and I never used the name or identity Richard Riess to commit any offence. You can argue that I committed passport fraud, but since Canada doesn’t have a statute of limitations I’m not going to comment on that. It was ICE that insisted I was Richard Riess. I cannot be held responsible for what ICE or the Canadian government wrongly insist.

      Being Civil Toward Desiree
      As for being civil: A person (me) cannot be civil with someone like Desiree because she will say whatever you want to hear, to get what she wants, meanwhile she’ll be scheming ways to back out of whatever she agreed to. She’ll boldly lie to everyone about you, regardless of how those lies might harm you – while she smiles to your face. How can one be civil with such a person? Any civility, on her part, is guaranteed to be lip service.

      Notice, in the beginning (January 2011 to August 2011), I was very civil with her. It wasn’t until she went to Los Angeles and abducted our son without any notice, then brought him to Arizona and tried to get custody of him, tried to get an order prohibiting all contact between him and I, that I stopped being civil. So, isn’t it fair to say she is the one that initiated all this hostility? Haven’t I only been responding to the things she started? I did not force myself into her life and start taking her things away from her; I did not try to have her arrested, or locked up, or deported – even though I had proof of her involvement in illegal activities. I did not try to get a court order prohibiting her from having contact or visitation with our son. Yet, those are all things she has done to me.

      So how can you possibly see me as the “bad guy” in all of this?

      • eagle northwest says:

        I guess you’re arguing that publishing this website (and it is immensely entertaining btw) is a last resort to the legal lock in your matter (your last deportation excluding you from attending your custody hearing).

        Regarding your ICE thing, I recall seeing the a police document on your site stating you’re from Sudbury.

        I’m not saying your the bad guy…look your ex doesn’t look very intelligent.

        • Patrick says:

          There are a number of reasons I created this website:
          1) It became obvious the family court was not going to order Desiree to return our son to my care, even though our son told the court, himself, that he wants to come back to me. And even though (at that point) there was not a single negative strike against me, while at the same time the court had received endless proof of Desiree’s drug use, criminal activities, lies, et cetera.

          2) Desiree is incredibly skilled at convincing people she’s a sweet, caring, innocent person who would never harm anyone. It’s only after dealing with her for some time do people begin to realize how full of shit and manipulative she is. She’s most effective when the other person has no history with her. So, by creating this website, I hope to be able publicly provide that background, that history, to people who don’t already know her – thereby decreasing her ability to deceive and manipulate those people.

          The information in the RCMP report you’re referring to was what they received from Desiree. You will notice, in that report, Desiree alleges my name was really Ricky Riess and that I’m living under the “fake name” Patrick Fox. She also told them I had a fake or forged Florida birth certificate in that supposedly fake name. But the RCMP came to my apartment after interviewing me, so they could inspect the birth certificate, and they found it to be authentic. They, presumably, also checked with the FBI and the Florida Department of Vital Statistics and, obviously, everything checked out to their satisfaction (otherwise, I would have been charged with something, I’m sure). A copy of the birth certificate is right here, on this website. I think part of the reason the RCMP even bothered investigating was because of the allegations of me having a firearms license (PAL) under a supposedly fake identity.

          Sorry for the verbosity.

  6. Donald T. says:

    James 1:19-20
    “Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God”. You will be going to hell for eternity for what you have done.

    • Patrick says:

      Thanks for the feedback. Being Jewish, though, I don’t believe in the Christian “New Testament” or the concept of a “hell” (that is a purely Christian belief). And tell me, will Desiree be going to hell for what she has done, as well?

  7. Marcus says:

    James Pendleton is a pussy loser. This bitch will keep walking on him and he will keep taking it because he is spineless and he has not self esteem.

  8. Chris Sweeney says:

    Marcus you’re right,I worked with James here at Apollo and he is a little pussy,socially strange,little self esteem,so he most likely will not throw her out,not as long as she keeps feeding him that nasty gash between her legs,he wouldn’t have anyone then again,I guess he feels it’s worth all the lies and bullshit she puts him thru. If,and this is a big IF,James actually threw the liar,stripper,hoe out she probably wouldn’t have anywhere to go,I mean who the hell would take in Desiree,she is a compulsive liar,drug addict,dirty,and has severe mental problems. I wouldn’t think any of her family would take her in,if she even has any family that keeps in touch with her and if they’re smart I would think they would have disowned her long ago,they all HAVE to know who,how,and what she is ! I hope James is, or gets smart,but after working with him,I’m not holding my breath !

  9. Frank says:

    The reason why you won’t get your son is because the court system, especially family court is a complete fucktard. Is unconstitutional and corrupt to the core. They literally do not care about the kids. They say they do but any half intelligent person knows that the system is not for the kids. Family Court is for feeding a corrupt system. Family Court is about getting funding from the federal government. Most people live in a fantasy world where they believe it is people in the black robes care about their kids. These people in the black robes don’t give a shit about your kids. I love this site a lot. Perhaps you can put some links that show how corrupt the entire family court system is. You really should expose these people in the black robes and the entire corrupt system

  10. Patrick says:

    Hello can provide information about her been stripper, locations of previous performances. Thanks

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