Livin’ the Dream (Getting a Man to Pay My Way While I Sit Around and Get High All Day)

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Desiree Capuano – Enjoying the good life

I gotta tell ya, kids: Life is pretty good.

I’ve finally done it. I’ve secured a sweet, cushy deal where my man will support me and my kids forever, while I sit around and do nothing but get high.

Don’t worry, I can say whatever I want about that pussy whipped bitch James Pendleton on this website. He’s so blinded by my skillful manipulation he’ll just blame everything on my ex-husband, Patrick. Do you think James’ friends and family haven’t already tried to warn him about me? Do you think they haven’t urged him to open his eyes and realize he’s being taken?

Nah, as James reads this post – and he will read this post, he reads all of the posts that go on this site – there will be that little part of his brain that will be telling him: “Dude, it’s true. You’re being taken for the fool. You’re being played. Nothing this woman tells you has an ounce of sincerity.” And he’ll have thoughts of confronting me on things. But he won’t. And even if he does, I’ll just turn on the tears and the sobbing; I’ll tell him how every man before him has been terrible to, abused me, taken advantage of trust and my caring nature; that he, James, is the first man I’ve ever truly loved and that’s been good to me. And he’ll eat it up – they always do.

There’s only been one man that I’ve been with that eventually saw through my crap and kicked me to the curb – and that was 13 years ago. I’ve learned a lot since then. I’ve perfected my skills of manipulation. No, James will not accept any truth or reality that I’m manipulating him and taking advantage of him. I am completely safe in that respect.

Many years ago, when I was with Patrick, he was on my case to get a job. I used to drop our son off at the day care then hang out there for hours, socializing with the woman that owned the place. I would tell Patrick I had been looking for a job, but that with no experience it was hard. In reality, I never went to a single interview.

Now, I have this website to blame for why I can’t find a job. Sure, I tell James I’m looking for one; I pretend to go on interviews. But as long as this website is on the Internet I can always blame my lack of a job on Patrick (he is, after all, the person maintaining this website and putting all this horrendous stuff about me on the Internet).

Do you really think it’s a coincidence that before I moved in with James and James started getting on my case to do something about this website, that I did nothing at all about it? Do you have any idea how much pity I get from people about this website? It amazes me how easily people believe me when I tell them everything on this website is lies – even though Patrick posts actual, hard proof of the things I tell people are lies! It’s amazing how easily I manipulate people.

So, for now, and for the foreseeable future, there is nothing in the world that is going to be able to interfere with my riding this gravy train to the end. Sure, eventually James is going to wise up, but until that time comes I will milk this for everything I can. I will spend my days smoking weed, sitting around, and whenever it looks like James might be having second thoughts, I’ll pretend to be moody and stressed out, and when he asks what’s wrong, I’ll cry and tell him I just can’t handle it anymore; I’m so tired of having to deal with everything; I’ve never done anything bad to anybody but people just want to keep hurting me. I’ll tell him I love him so much and I’m so happy that I’m with him and that he’s the only good thing in my life. And, as always, he’ll swallow every phony, bullshit word of it.

Sound familiar?

But, I’m not completely foolish. I always make sure I’ve got at least one other man lined up on the side for when my current ride comes to an end. I can usually tell the signs when someone’s reaching the breaking point with me. Good thing James doesn’t check my emails or my phone logs. Could you imagine if he secretly hid a GPS tracker in my car? Nevertheless, I’d just tell him me and that other guy are just friends. I’d tell him there are things I can’t talk to him (James) about because I’m ashamed and I don’t want him to hate me.

Yes, life is pretty good.


[Comment from the editor: I think it would be very interesting for James to speak with some of the other men Desiree has been with over the years. To realize that everything she says to him, and that all her manipulation tactics, are exactly the same things she’s said and done with every man before him. Desiree always ends up with one of two types of men: the ones that are level headed and have their lives in order – these are the ones she uses for a free ride (e.g. James Pendleton, Patrick); or ones that are more fucked up than her (e.g. Michael Capuano, Kristopher Lauchner) – these are the ones she honestly believes she loves. Have a look at her Facebook page. Who are the men that you see there? Certainly not James Pendleton or Patrick. In fact, not a single mention of James Pendleton.]

9 Responses to Livin’ the Dream (Getting a Man to Pay My Way While I Sit Around and Get High All Day)

  1. tyler says:

    Nice. Yes I wonder what James would learn by talking to this whores ex boyfriends.

  2. veronica says:

    Her Facebook page is full of pictures of Kris and Michael. She still has posts on it saying how much she loves Kris. Yet she’s been living with James more than 6 months. She’s obviously using James for support and a place to live. He’s supporting her and her kids. This woman is the biggest whore I’ve ever known. If I was James I’d kick this bitch out right now. Her kids aren’t his problem and he doesn’t owe her or them a single thing.

  3. rainman says:

    James won’t ever kick her out. He has no self esteem and no chance of ever getting a girl that will actually like him. He’s kind of a loser.

  4. Chris Sweeney says:

    Someone here at Apollo who spoke to her recently says she still doesn’t have a job after all these months and no prospect of getting on either.Desiree said she isn’t really looking for a job and isn’t in any hurry to get one until she has to.I guess James loves supporting her and other men’s children,we here at Apollo knew she was whacked,but didn’t think James was just as messed up ! Some here were laughing that we should take bets on how long it will take for her to get a job,some were saying 1-2 years most likely,I said never as long as James keeps her.

  5. Jutta Schilling says:

    There is still a chance to earn a living by becoming a star in niche porn, like Veronica Moser or Julia Reaves.

  6. levi says:

    I think this is wayyy to fucking funny. cuddo’s to the psyco who knows the legal system. and that bitch is no more fucked than any other turtle that ends up on there back ‘

  7. donald strutman says:

    This skank has no shame……what a POS loser……….

  8. Shirley Brass says:

    I’ve been having triubles with a similar skank.

  9. Donald says:

    Sounds like every man’s dream wifey
    Odd how the divorce rate is so high these days….

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