My Ex-Husband Wants to Kill Me! Or, At Least That’s What I Keep Telling People

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In January last year my ex-husband, Patrick, sent me an email saying that he was going to shoot me, that that’s how much he hates me! Patrick has multiple guns…that he shoots…and he constantly crosses the border between Canada and the US, unnoticed. He can easily cross the border and show up at my door at any moment and do it. And I’m scared out of my mind that he’s going to. Every moment of every day, I live in terror. I’m afraid to leave the house to even just go to the store to get milk. I’m afraid, constantly, for my children. He’s crazy…psychotic…he’s obsessed with me…I mean, fuck, just look at this website – do you have any idea how much time must have gone into a website like this? I can’t look for a job because I’m stressed out all the time. Some days I can barely get out of bed. Oh, god, why won’t anyone help me?

Or, at least, that’s the story I’ve been feeding to the news media lately, and to the FBI and Homeland Security before that, and to the local law enforcement and local courts before that. But am I really scared Patrick would do anything like that? Do I really even think, for one moment, that Patrick would ever physically harm me? Well, let’s consider some of the relevant facts in this matter – facts which I’ve very deliberately left out of the story when I speak to the police and the judges and the journalists.


The Timing

My boyfriend, James Pendleton

My boyfriend, James Pendleton

According to the story I’ve been selling, I received the email from Patrick, where he said he was going to kill me, in January 2015. Yet, I never made an issue of it until July 20, 2015 – about a week after Patrick first posted my boyfriend James Pendleton’s name and picture on this website; and, less than 24 hours after receiving an email from Patrick, stating:

I just don’t see how it’s possible that Pendleton could possibly maintain a security clearance while also cohabiting with you. I mean, wouldn’t a responsible, patriotic citizen feel a sense of obligation to report such a situation to the proper authorities? How can a person with such poor judgement that he would be seriously committed enough to a woman that he would have her move into his house with her two children, be trusted with a security clearance – a top secret clearance, at that.

James would later testify, at the hearing for the injunction against harassment he filed against Patrick, that Patrick had threatened his security clearance, and that his security clearance was his livelihood.

So, on the one hand, I’m begging people to believe that I’m sincerely afraid for mine and my children’s safety, yet I’ve known for 15 years that Patrick has owned guns and goes shooting regularly. He had guns when we lived together; I’ve made reference to him having guns in numerous declarations I’ve filed in our child custody proceedings – but never in any kind of fearful way, just as a matter of fact; since he’s been living in Canada and our son has been going there to visit him, I’ve known that they’ve been going to the shooting range – I’ve watched videos of them at the at the range; and none of that was ever an issue for me…until the moment Patrick mentioned James’ security clearance.


The Increasing Embellishment

The first time I claimed Patrick threatened me, in my report to the RCMP in July 2015, I said “[Patrick] has been emailing me, telling me he would shoot me if it was legal”. I made the mistake, however, of providing the RCMP a copy of the actual email. I don’t think they took it very seriously after that. In fact, the last line of the Constable’s report stated:

There is no criminal offence being committed.

Oh well, live and learn, right.

A couple days later James and I went to the Sahuarita Municipal Court to get an Order of Protection against Patrick. This time I made sure not to provide a copy of the email. I would just turn on the tears, and act all scared and shit, and tell the judge Patrick “tells me that he discussed shooting me with our son and said that he would if there was no risk of going to jail”. It worked! The court granted the order of protection based solely on that completely unsupported claim. Of course, I didn’t mention that it was stated in an email – otherwise the court might have asked to see a copy of it.

In December 2015, at the contested hearing for the order of protection, I stuck to that claim I had told the court. I figured it worked in July, it’ll work now. But Patrick denied ever saying that he would shoot me, or that he ever threatened me. Since I provided no evidence to support my claim it was “he said, she said”. The court didn’t buy it any more.

And, although there was an order of protection against Patrick, prohibiting him from “harassing” me, he continued to post shit about me on this website. Why was the court not doing anything about that? Why were the police not doing anything about it?

So, after that hearing, I stepped it up a bit. Fuck saying Patrick said “he would shoot me if the risk of jail time were not there”. I started telling people Patrick said he would kill me, murder me, and ignoring the conditional part about the risk of jail time. I called every law enforcement agency that might possibly have any kind of jurisdiction; every news media entity whose telephone number I could find; telling them that my ex-husband clearly said he intended to murder me.

So let’s recap: Over 7 months, my story went from briefly mentioning, in passing, that Patrick had a conversation with our son wherein he said, to our son (not to me), he would shoot me if there was no risk of jail time – to Patrick plainly stating he was going to murder me. And still no one did a damn thing about it!


The Legal Irrelevance of the Order of Protection

I claim that I need the order of protection to protect me from Patrick shooting me, physically shooting me, with the guns that he shoots.

Yet, I also claim Patrick is not a US citizen and has been deported from the US. I further claim that Patrick was convicted of perjury – a felony.

Federal law, specifically 18 U.S.C. § 922(g), makes it illegal for any person who is in the US illegally, and for any person who has been convicted of a felony, to possess a firearm. Therefore, according to my story, Patrick is already prohibited from possessing firearms in the US – regardless of the order of protection! So what additional security can I possibly believe a civil order of protection – can possibly provide? I mean, it doesn’t make Patrick possessing a firearm within the US more illegal. In fact, it changes absolutely nothing at all (at least with respect to Patrick possessing firearms, or providing me any kind of protection).

Of course, if the perjury conviction were ever to be vacated…oh, let’s say, on the doctrines of “literal truth”, or “actual innocence”…then the § 922(g) prohibitions would no longer apply. Could it be that I’ve been bullshitting all along and I know Patrick actually is a US citizen and I believe that conviction might someday be vacated? That would seem the most logical conclusion, wouldn’t it?


The Logistics

Now let’s consider the logistics that would be involved in Patrick actually attempting to shoot me.

First, the constraints:

  1. Because of our history, if anything were to happen to me Patrick would be the prime suspect.
  2. He cannot leave any record or evidence that he was within the US around the time of something happening to me because that would definitely draw huge suspicion on him.
  3. He cannot be seen by anyone who might be able to later recognize him and pick him out of a police photo array. This become more critical the closer he would get to Sahuarita.

Patrick lives in Vancouver…which is in Canada…a foreign country. 1,700 miles away from me.

He would have to sneak into the US, crossing the border without being detected, because he would be illegally smuggling a firearm into the US. That means he would not be able to drive across the border or fly. He would have to walk at least 15 miles – without encountering a single Border Patrol or CBSA officer.

He would then have to catch a Greyhound to Seattle. From there he could either continue on Greyhound or catch a train. He wouldn’t be able to fly because bringing a firearm onto a plane would most certainly guarantee being detected and detained by TSA. And because flying would generate an official record of his presence. He wouldn’t be able to rent a car and drive because to rent a car he would need to use a credit card and show his driver’s license, which would provide a record of his presence.

Taking a bus or train from Seattle to Tucson would take at least 2 – 3 days (one way). By the time he got to Tucson he would be exhausted and would need to grab a hotel so he could rest, shower, and change into clean clothes (come on, he’s not a savage, after all). But, he wouldn’t be able to rent a hotel room because that would require using a credit card and showing ID. Again, leaving a record of his presence.

There are no Greyhounds or trains which come to Sahuarita, so he would have to go to Tucson, then make his way the additional 20 miles to Sahuarita. That means using a taxi or the public transit that only runs once every couple of hours. He would have to be careful not to be seen by anyone near Sahuarita, otherwise they would be able to identify him in a photo array. That rules out taking a taxi or public transit. So what, he’s going to walk the 20 miles? I guess so.

So then, after being on a bus for the past 2 – 3 days, having not showered or shaved, smelling and looking like shit, and walking another 20 miles, he would have to stroll into my white, middle class neighborhood without anyone noticing what appears to be an incredibly out of place homeless man, carrying a backpack (he would have to conceal the gun somewhere).

And then, what if I’m not home the moment he gets there? Does he wait out front? Walk aimlessly around the neighborhood? Both of which would surely draw attention to him – remember, he must not be seen by anybody.

So then, let’s suppose he actually pulls all of that off; shows up at my home; and knocks on my door – then what? Will I be the one to answer? Or our son? Or James? He can’t possibly know. But he would have to have the pistol out, with a round chambered and the hammer cocked, because he would have no idea if I’m going to answer the door with a gun of my own to defend myself. But what if our son answers the door? How does he explain his presence? How does he explain the cocked Beretta PX4 (I’m assuming he would use the PX4, but it’s somewhat arbitrary) in his hand?

He would have no way of knowing if there was anybody else in the house at the moment. Would he be intending to shoot all of them too? I mean, he’d have to wouldn’t he? They’d be witnesses.

Then there’s the issue of the noise. For those who’ve never heard a gun fired – they’re loud as fuck! There’s no way none of my neighbors would hear the shots. And, unlike an immobile paper target, shooting a moving target is much, much harder. We have to assume he would have to fire multiple rounds – each with it’s own deafening BANG! for my neighbors to hear.

Then, he would have to somehow fade away – again, undetected. Likely, someone would have called the police after hearing the shots fired. A scruffy looking guy walking away from the scene is not likely to get too far before being spotted by a cruiser.

But let’s pretend reality is the surreal fantasy world I live in. Let’s pretend Patrick was actually able to flee the scene, on foot, in an area where it’s all flat, open desert spaces. Then he would have to make the trek all the way back to Vancouver – again, without being detected. That means another Greyhound or train ride…no hotels…no rental cars…no planes.

In total, the excursion would take at least 6 days. He would have to hope that nobody at his office notices his absence. He would have to, somehow, make it look like he continued to go about his day to day routine – someone would have to stay at his apartment during that time so that there would be records of his Netflix account being used, access to the Internet from his connection – because a sudden 6 day period of complete inactivity at exactly the same time that something bad happened to me would be incredibly suspicious. Also, absolutely no activity on his credit and/or debit cards; no daily stops at Starbucks, using the Starbucks app on his phone? And, of course, he wouldn’t be able to take his phone with him because smartphones have GPS devices and that might generate evidence of his location. But then how would he explain not checking his messages or email for all that time? Checking his email would potentially generate a record of the IP address he checked it from – which could be used to determine his approximate location when he accessed the mail server.

And then there’s the issue of ballistics. In Canada, all handguns have to be registered to their owner and to a specific address. All of Patrick’s handguns are registered in his name, and to his address. The RCMP can show up at any time to verify that he’s storing them in accordance with the laws (i.e. that a trigger lock is in place, and they’re also locked inside a secure container). If Patrick were to shoot me with one of his own guns then he’d have to dispose of that gun because the slugs which would be extracted from my body may (arguably) be able to be matched to the barrel markings of the gun. But then he’d have to immediately notify the RCMP that the gun was lost or stolen. And reporting that exact gun lost or stolen, within a close proximity of me being shot would be incredibly suspicious. And, the moment something happened to me, you know the RCMP would be knocking on his door – as I pointed out, he would be the primary suspect if anything ever happened to me. Chances are, he would still be on a Greyhound, on his way back to Canada at that point.

Alright, enough! I think you get my point. It would be completely, utterly, unquestionably impossible for Patrick to “shoot me” without leaving a trail of evidence. Even the dumbest person in the world can see that there is absolutely no way he would be able to pull something like that off without getting caught and going to prison for the rest of his life.


The Motivation

Obviously my motivation for telling the world that my ex-husband stated on the Internet that he is going to murder me is that I’m scared shitless that he is going to murder me, right?

Well, actually, if you consider all the facts, the timeline, and the specific points James and I brought up in our testimony at the order of protection hearing, the real motivation should be quite apparent: To get this website taken down! 99% of our testimony was focused on this website. I only made one brief reference to the email from Patrick, stating that he would shoot me.

Interestingly, at the combined order of protection and injunction against harassment hearings, very little time was spent on my concerns. When asked if I had any questions for Patrick I said no. Most of the hearing was focused on James’ claims that this website was “harassing” him and that Patrick had violated his copyrights.

Personally, I don’t really care about this website – as is evidenced by the fact that I did nothing about it for years, until James appeared on it and started crawling up my ass about it.

Before filing for the order of protection and the injunction against harassment, we (well, James actually) contacted Patrick’s domain registrar, and Internet service provider, to complain about this website in the hopes they would force Patrick to take it down (see the email here). They told him that Patrick wasn’t violating their respective policies and that without a court order they weren’t going to do anything. And that was the real reason we filed for the restraining orders! Obviously, we’re not the brightest bulbs in the pack – we figured any court order would suffice; we didn’t realize it would have to be a court order explicitly compelling those companies to do some specific thing. Moreover, we didn’t realize it would have to be a court order issued by a court which actually has jurisdiction in the specific geographic location where the website is actually, physically hosted (which is not in the US).


The Actual Email and Threatening Statement

And now, let’s have a look at that actual email that supposedly started it all. It’s posted right here on this website for the whole world to see. The relevant quote, in it’s entirety – because context is, obviously significant – is as follows:

He [our son] once asked me if I would shoot you. I told him that murder is illegal and immoral and can result in spending the rest of one’s life in prison. And that the rest of my life in prison is not a risk I’m willing to take. But otherwise, no, I would have no qualms about it; that that is how much I despise you for the things you’ve done and continue to do. He did not flinch; he didn’t look anything other than indifferent; as best I could tell, he didn’t care. The topic never came up again. That was during his visit last summer. To be clear, I told [Detective] Tuchfarber [see note 1, below] the same thing. There is nothing illegal or threatening about wanting to harm someone – as long as you don’t act on it. I am reasonable and rational enough to know the difference, and to refrain from engaging in such activity.

And let me be absolutely clear on this point: I would never deliberately cause you physical harm, other than in self defense or defense of another. Though that is nothing special toward you – I have that rule for ALL people. Also, I emphasize that [our son] brought up the question and I only responded to it truthfully.

Now, as you can see, there’s no actual threat in there. Patrick never actually said he intends to shoot me – only that he wouldn’t have a moral dilemma (or qualm, as he put it) about it, and only if there was no risk of going to prison. Well, shooting someone is a crime, so there is, and always will be, the risk of going to prison. In other words, it is an impossible condition. So, even if he did actually say that he intended to shoot me (which he very clearly didn’t), he premised it on an impossible condition which could never, in our lifetimes, come to pass.

More so, he then, very clearly emphasizes that “[he] would never deliberately cause [me] physical harm“.

Even Ghandi would consider that communication innocuous!



There is absolutely no sincerity to my claims of fear for my safety. I have the misguided belief that by simply repeating the claim enough times, and by telling enough people about it, that this website will go away. I have absolutely no idea how one thing is connected to the other, but reality is not something I’ve ever had much of a grip on.

No, folks, I’m just trying to manipulate the courts, the numerous law enforcement agencies, and now the media, to get this website taken down. That’s all, pure and simple. I’m lying and crying and making up completely false allegations about people to exploit the compassion and empathy of the masses to get what I want. Just more of the same ol’ same ol’ for those who know me.


Notes from the Editor:

  1. Detective Shayne Tuchfarber of the Phoenix Police Dept, was the Detective in charge of Desiree’s first complaint of harassment against Patrick, back in 2014. Nothing came of that case.
  2. This post, like all of the posts on this website, was not written by Desiree, regardless of the fact that it’s written in the first person, from the perspective of Desiree.
  3. We wish to emphasize that Patrick has absolutely no history of violent, aggressive, or threatening behavior. Nor any history of emotional or psychological instability. This post is not intended to threaten, intimidate, instil fear in anybody – the purpose of this post is to point out how ridiculous and clearly malicious Desiree’s claims of fear for her safety are.

38 Responses to My Ex-Husband Wants to Kill Me! Or, At Least That’s What I Keep Telling People

  1. Bunny says:

    If only I had the time to dedicate to such a wickedly funny site about my ex!
    I commend you for your time, diligence, knowledge of the law and most importantly the absolute love of your son. Good on you!

  2. KnowWhatUmean says:

    Shoot the Bitch and get it over with…

  3. Disgusted says:

    Wow, aren’t you a psychopathic stalker? Of course she’s afraid of you, I would be too. This obsessive website is proof enough of your mental instability. You are engaging in the exact sort of obsessive stalking that is a red flag for homocide. It’s a shame for her and for your son that she didn’t see this side of you before having a child with you. I feel very sorry for your ex; if we were in the same state I would offer her a job. So sad that you are abusing her like this. I will pray for her health, happiness, and protection from your harmful intentions. Hopefully you will see the light and stop abusing her, but personality disorders like yours are notoriously stubborn. However, through God all things are possible, so I will pray for you as well.

    • Fuck Off says:

      Aren’t you a cowardly, lying bitch? Since when is putting up a website stalking? Red flag for homicide? TFF. I feel very sorry for anyone that has a liar like you in their life.

      • Patrick Fox says:

        Just to be clear: Are you referring to Patrick or Desiree?

        • BlackChevy says:

          I believe they were addressing the post from “disgusted” who is obviously a nutjob who has not bothered to go read the emails, but has chosen to drink the CBC Koolaid and bought the story. Anyone with half a god damn brain would have realised that It was written by a bitch , to help another bitch avoid getting what she deserves. It was a garbage article written deliberately to be one sided.

      • Disgusted says:

        Lying? What exactly did I lie about? I gave my opinion, it would have been impossible to lie. That must have been a reflexive response. I.e., a woman (or, as in this case, what you assume to be a woman) opens her mouth, and you reflexively respond with “lying bitch…lie…bitch! Bitch bitch bitch!” Way to keep your eye on the issues, buddy! I can tell you’re a sharp one!

        • BlackChevy says:

          Well, I’m not sure why you replied to my post which was never addressed to you in the first place but…..
          Your entire rant was a hate campaign against someone as a result of a one sided story. Investigative journalism? My ass. Where in the orgininal CBC article or in your rant on here, is there one shred of evidence showing or proving that anything said on this site is not true? Bring some, any evidence that any if this is a lie.
          Yeah, I am on the issue .
          PS, I know you said you’d pray for him but don’t bother doing that for me. As a product of a very religious mother, I’ve learned that religious people need a crutch to get through life. I personally dont have an inferiority complex to a nonexistent being and therefore don’t need prayer.
          PS don’t forget to bring the proof or you’ll seem like a psycho who can’t are the forest for the trees.

  4. JJ says:

    Whoever created this site is awesome. Expose the truth!!

  5. doug king says:

    I think it’s great. My sister sounds exactly like Desiree. Skanky white trash. I don’t associate with her. Good on you for this site

  6. Absolutely horrid says:

    I am so absolutely disgusted.
    Congratulations on being so bloody obsessed with her that you have made a parody website of her as well. This website clearly shows how obsessed you are with her lmao. It makes me laugh that you say you aren’t. If you weren’t so obsessed you’d move on and leave her alone regardless of what she had done although I don’t believe a word of what you have said. Congratulations though you might slowly change the stereo types of Canadians slowly and thoroughly one dick head at a time.
    That being said, have fun being miserable for the rest of your life. Taking it out on other people won’t make you feel any better. I hope you get the help you need, you sick fuck.

    • Fuck Off says:

      Absolutely disgusted? Really? There are people being incinerated by bombs right now, children dying of starvation or working in sweat shops, people being sold into slavery, and you are absolutely disgusted over someone expressing themselves on and attempting to get some sort of redress through a website.

      I’m, I’m, absolutely disgusted

  7. Pro says:

    I do realize that you will have to undergo some serious psychological evaluations in due time, and that your child will turn against you once he has to undergo the same due to your choice of actions! I will no lol Niger converse with a waist of skin!

    • BlackChevy says:

      You must be a CBC reader because you spell worse than someone in grade two. First of all, it’s “no longer” not no lol Niger And, it’s waste of skin, not waist.
      Now, since you can’t spell properly,’you probably can’t read either. So, since I’m a nice guy,:I’ll sum up the emails and state that the son, given the choice would most likely choose to live with his father and not the mother.

  8. Damn! says:

    Reading through a lot of the emails from years back shows just how vindictive of a bitch she really is. She clearly threatened to use multiple ways to threaten him to gain custody of a son that wanted nothing to do with her. A son that she abandoned for over over 9 years of his life. The father even proved in family court that she abandoned the son and she was pissed off that he gained primary custody. Her revenge was to get him deported. Now she’s playing the victim card after she’s got several kids from different fathers and also has a long criminal history. It’s obvious she’s far from a victim here. The real victims are this father, his son, and any children she’s ever had custody of.

  9. Qwerty1 says:

    Holy shit, awesome site!

  10. max sayulita says:

    This small dicked husband is a moron and pathetic loser.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Come on, really? What do you know about the size of my penis? And I believe this website shows that I’m certainly not a moron. Check your facts before speaking! The pathetic loser part, well, that’s subjective – and you are entitled to your opinion…just like I’m entitled to mine…hence, this website. Thank you for supporting my right to freely and openly speak my mind.

      • Haha says:

        It is completely obvious you have a small penis, along with being mentally ill. It’s not your fault and I feel bad that everyone is laughing at you for being so pathetic. You’re not a moron, however your intelligence is going to waste over your rage and sickness.

        • Patrick Fox says:

          Do you have any evidence to support that conjecture? I suspect not.

        • Maximum Penetration says:

          In feminist land, anyone who has the courage to stand up to women behaving badly, must have a small dick. Guys that have dicks big enough to keep women happy just take the shit they dish out. Of course, in feminist land breasts are not sexual organs and one in every three women are raped.

  11. MWB says:

    Brilliant website! I believe you and not Desiree. You are going overboard a bit, but it makes great reading.

  12. Sophie says:

    To the person maintainig this website: I am truly, and deeply, sad for you. To be able to disgrace another human being (good or bad) that much, only shows that you are in a disastrous state of mind. Maybe you should seek help…. indeed, you will never reach a peace of mind by tearing other people life’s apart. I really hope that one day you will understand that happiness comes from peace and forgiveness. That you will be way more serene if you let go of the hate. If you cannot do it for yourself, do it for the child…. as good or bad his mother can be, she is still his mother, and you are destroying this child self-esteem and emotional balance by trying to destroy his mother.

    • Darwinist says:

      The media does this sort of thing all the time, and with a much wider readership or listening audience. Are they also in a disastrous state of mind?

  13. T. says:

    This is brilliant. A feature about it hit the NYDN this morning so you will be getting a lot more attention – well deserved.

    Good luck and don’t stop telling the truth. I sincerely hope you and your son are permanently reunited very soon sir.

  14. StrangeArray says:

    As a woman whom spent three years in a woman’s shelter after my ex told my son he would like to shoot me in the face, you think I would be triggered and telling you off right now. However, during my stay there I would estimate that a third of the woman there were the real abusers and used the system; and their children, to hurt and control their ex’s. I can understand the heart wrenching feeling when your life is taken over by a sociopath and your children’s development skewed, yet being helpless to ever fully resolve the situation because they pull everyone’s sympathy and hatred as soon as you take steps to protect yourself and your children’s future.

    I would love to see the procedures default to give children to have their own counsel and support systems. There is always a great deal more under the surface and the real abusers are well versed in making the process as painful and difficult as possible. I am now dealing with my child becoming controlling and abusive and it is breaking my heart.

    I commend your efforts and hope that you have your son permanently in your care sooner rather than later. WHEN he is returned to you do not hesitate to get counseling specific to domestic violence even if he seems okay.

  15. brock says:

    I wish I would of thought of this 8 years ago, I’ve moved on but damn its a great idea. keep going as long as they let you

  16. fucher says:

    I think men get the most unfair treatment in custody battles. It is seriously insane what women get away with and how they ruin so many men’s lives. I seriously don’t know how they live with themselves. What chemical imbalance causes them to become so evil? I seriously don’t know how society accepts this and let’s it continue to happen. This is why there is groups like fathers for justice Anyway- good for you Patrick. There is always 2 sides to a story, and at least yours is coming out. Maybe a little overboard, but I’ve seen and heard much worse as a result of this very type of thing.

  17. Rob says:

    Like someone before me mentioned, this was in the NYDN today. It’s a liberal rag but entertaining.

    Seriously though, you married a stripper and a drug addict. Did you think you could convert her? It’s always been an unspoken rule, you don’t date ( let a lone marry) a stripper. If they are up there stripping and giving lap dances to 60 yr old men it’s best to assume they aren’t right in the head. And they certainly will not make for good mothers.

    But seriously, I think you guys can work through this. Many couples have fights and work these things out. Chris could stay too. Maybe like a live in Nanny.

    And btw Patrick, You totally blew that anal story. I realize you’re angry now but at that time I’m pretty sure you would have been willing to use motor oil to get in that ass. When you have some time maybe a rewrite is in order. Change the title too. Something like ” The night I nailed the dancer in the Ass”. That will get some hits.

  18. Angela says:

    You seem like a smart enough psychotic fellow, However, its baffling the amount of time, energy and brain power that you have dedicated to this website, obviously you really loved her and probably still do.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Or, rather than jumping to that common assumption that loved her, could it not be that I am only doing back to her what she did to me in 2012? How is it that everybody completely ignores the fact that in 2012 Desiree contacted every friend, associate, and person she believed to be my family and told them I was a fugitive and hid our son from her for 9 years, in order to turn people against me? Why is it acceptable for her to do that to me but now you all make a big deal about this website?

      Please explain to me how you justify such a double standard.

      • Angela says:

        I was just curious why someone would go to all the trouble and be so dedicated to it. I just assumed you must of really loved her cause this website proves how much you hate her. i personally have no problem with the website in fact its very entertaining and informative. it teaches that you shouldn’t be a crazy bitch 🙂

        • Patrick Fox says:

          Ha! That’s funny.

          The reason I would go through all this trouble is because over the past few years (and back in 2000/2001) I’ve watched as Desiree pretended to be such a sweet caring person to get what she wants from people then use them, then when she didn’t get her way spread terrible lies about them, accuse them of things they didn’t do.

          But I really started to hate her when she showed up, out of the blue, in August 2011 and took our son to Arizona then lied to the court about me “hiding him” from her all that time. She was crying and going on about how for 9 years all she ever thought about was one day getting her son back. And everybody ate it up. She didn’t give a shit about how it affected our son, or my friend that had actually been taking care of our son all that time I was in custody; or all the people that were major parts of our son’s life.

          And then, we reached the point of never turning back, in January 2013, when she called ICE for no other reason than to circumvent the family court’s custody order and to get custody “by default”.

          But that’s all in the past, right? Except that every day I continue to be subjected the consequences of her actions: our son is still in her care, 1700 miles away; I cannot return to the US without the fear that she’ll call ICE again; I cannot return, even to visit, to Los Angeles (where I’ve spent almost all of my life) without that same fear; I can’t go visit my friends or my family in California; I can’t take those lucrative Silicon Valley projects; every time we go to the family court she makes the same kinds of ridiculous, unfounded claims as she made to CBC, namely that I threatened to kill her. Even though her allegations are completely unsupported, the family courts always look out for the poor, innocent single mothers so the monstrous men don’t harm them. I’ve never used force against another person (other than self defence, of course) in my entire life. She’s submitted numerous requests to the family court seeking an order prohibiting all contact between me and our son (I will be posting those here once I finish scanning them). She took away the mobile phone I provided our son and she records our calls on the landline.

          She got an order of protection against me, based on her claim that I said I would shoot her, and her boyfriend James Pendleton got an injunction against harassment against me, based on the content of this website. Both of those orders prohibit me from contacting either of them. The problem is, since she took my son’s phone away I can only call on Pendleton’s home landline – which I’m, technically, prohibited from doing.

          So, you see, I believe she is an evil, vindictive person who doesn’t care about harming anyone – even strangers – as long as she gets what she wants. And as long as my life is being adversely affected by her actions than I will remain diligent in my efforts.

          Sorry this was so long.

          • Angela says:

            I do feel really bad for you, I’m surprised your unable to gain custody of your son through the Canadian family court system….seeing as you are unable to enter the united states and she can presumably enter Canada, you would think they would be sympathetic towards you (check out that Kelly Rutherford case in the states) but you are right that the courts usually always side with the women, if women want equal rights then it should be the same in court.

            • Patrick Fox says:

              Unfortunately there’s a law in the US called the UCCJEA, which is also recognized in Canada that provides that the state which will have jurisdiction of child custody matters is determined by where the child physically resides. So, he’d have to be residing here in BC for 6 months before the case could be transferred here. Sucks.

  19. Clayton says:

    28th February Sunday 2016

    Hello, Asshole.

    Because of the level of aggression you have taken toward a single American mother, Desiree, I must inform you that because you have masterminded this horrible Revenge Site, I have now informed the Canadian Security Intelligent Service recommending you be targeted as a Cyber-Terrorist.

    Patrick, you have crossed the line by creating such a Revenge Website that this very Un-Canadian and I am also approaching the NSA alerting them to you evil website against a single American Mother.

    Under CSIS Bill C-51, it can applied as narrow or as wide they seen fit.I am targeting you and your aggressive behavior toward an American citizen, Asshole. I will destroy you and your capable ability of creating websites by speaking to Google and Facebook and other giant will remove you puny and insulting website. No real man would attack a single mom. You are a monster!

    I will destroy you, Patrick in ways that you cannot possible conceive.

  20. mgumby says:

    Hey Clayton go suck a big fat one u little fembitch get your mommy to comb your asshairs

  21. George says:

    Clayton, sorry your pornhub high definition membership ran out and you await your next welfare cheque in order to renew that membership of yours along with your food stamps. Patrick, I APPLAUD you for the website. So many women out there that are wicked ‘c’s(you know what C word I am referring to) and the C word is probably a compliment for a lot of them. I too have been F’ed over buy a lot of douche bags as well. This is as good as WWE! Only way to resolve this is a match ‘HELL IN A CELL”. Whoever wins gets to keep the son! Seriously Patrick I applaud you for doing this to get back at some of these undesireables in our society, good work!

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