My Medical Marijuana Application

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My medical marijuana application

Today I’m sharing with you my medical marijuana card application.

I claimed to have fibromyalgia – a condition which is, of course, impossible to diagnose medically.  Obviously I don’t really suffer from fibromyalgia – just like most of the people who have been using it as a basis to get medical marijuana don’t.



Carol S. Spooner, medical marijuana doctor

Carol A. Spooner, the “physician” that “recommended” me for a medical marijuana card

The “doctor” I went to was Carol A. Spooner (LinkedIn profile), who it would seem, will diagnose anyone with anything as long as you pay the fee.  At the time, Spooner was working at a clinic called Arizona 420 Evaluations.  Though, Spooner doesn’t mention any of that on her LinkedIn profile.  Is she embarrassed that she used to be one of those “pot doctors”?  Did she realize that being associated with medical weed will probably hurt her career as a “real” doctor?

I can lose my weed card if Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) found out I was sharing my weed with my fiancé, James Pendleton?  James can’t get a card of his own because that would probably preclude him from working on any security clearance jobs.  Then again, it’s unlikely James is going to be able to get any more security clearance jobs anyway.

A medical marijuana card can be also revoked if AZDHS finds out you provided false information on your application, though.  Say, like, for example, if they discovered that you don’t really have the chronic and debilitating condition you claimed you had.  So let’s hope that doesn’t happen, right?  Can you imagine how much life would suck without weed?


10 Responses to My Medical Marijuana Application

  1. melissa o'connor says:

    now that makes me mad, i am a sufferer of fibromyalgia, and to hear that someone is using that so she can get high really really pisses me off. it is people like her that makes life so difficult for people like me. i sure hope that she gets that card revoked, and charged for falsifying information. or whatever they can charge her with.

    • Patrick says:

      I agree! It’s unfortunate that people like Desiree always seem to get away with lying, cheating, exploiting, and taking advantage of the system. At least, thanks to this website (and all the attention she brought it by going on the news), it’s getting much harder for her to keep getting away with things.

    • Patrick says:

      Speaking of things to charge her with, what I would love to see is the RCMP and the BC prosecutor to charge her with filing false reports (i.e. the criminal harassment charge against me in July 2015), then the US authorities to extradite her to Canada for that.

      I’d also love to see the California family court charge her with perjury for the endless stream of lies she’s told there, which I’ve provided the court proof of.

      But alas, it’s a pipe dream to think Desiree would ever be held accountable for her actions by any court.

  2. Michelle Anrumo says:

    I’m 14 years old and I showed this site to all my friends, some of them agree with what your doing, a few don’t. I personally am really glad you made this website and I see nothing wrong with it. Your getting publicity out of doing it, and this site is the first thing that pops up when you search her name, thus her chances of applying for different jobs are much lower. Anyways, keep doing what your doing. I totally support you and my friends and I check this site often.


  3. George says:

    She is such a LOSER. PERDENTE in Italian

  4. Fuckingidiots says:

    Yet again more fucking lies from her ex-husband. All you people are fucking stupid

  5. JEFF says:

    Wheres the tit pics are my question

  6. Bru says:

    Found this website from a Snapchat story lmao this shit is too funny WHO THE FUCK CARES IF YOU LIE TO GET A WEED CARD whoever is writing these articles is a pretty sad person

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