Patrick’s Sick Obsession with Desiree Capuano

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Yesterday Patrick went to court against Desiree and her boyfriend James Pendleton, to contest the ridiculous Order of Protection and Injunction Against Harassment they respectively obtained against him back in July.

During the hearing Pendleton repeatedly made reference to Patrick’s “unhealthy obsession” with Desiree.  And that got me thinking, over the past few years Desiree has also made regular claims that Patrick is “obsessed” with her.

When Desiree makes such obviously inane claims I, like most people, take it with a grain of salt because she is, after all, a delusional, narcissistic, psychopath – at least according to the actual definitions of those terms.  If you think I’m exaggerating click the links to read about each disorder, then consider your own first hand experiences with Desiree.

But to hear this James Pendleton fellow repeating such nonsense got me thinking.  First, I’ve never met the man but from the research I’ve done he doesn’t seem like a complete moron – though some of the people who have worked with him beg to differ.  But then I realized, his only source of information about Patrick is Desiree.  Ah!

Nevertheless, I started thinking there are probably others out there who have only ever heard Desiree’s surreal accounting of Patrick.  And I know from reading her declarations in their child custody proceedings how over the top those can be.

So, I’d like to throw a few simple considerations out there for those incredibly gullible, incapable of independent thought, sheep that Desiree is known for surrounding herself with.

  1. If someone came along and took your 11 year old child from you for no reason other than she wanted him, and you had never done anything wrong to the child, nor neglected the child, would you NOT be obsessed with destroying that person?  I say: Any parent who would not be obsessed about ruining that person’s life is a shitty parent and shouldn’t be raising children.
  2. If you had a child with someone and they abandoned the child when he was 18 months old because she wanted to move to another state to start a family with another person, then after 9 years abruptly forces herself back into your child’s life and one day, without warning or notice, abducts the child to another state, away from the only people the child has ever known as “family”, traumatizing the child – would you NOT be obsessed with ensuring that person receives appropriate justice?
  3. If a person wanted something that you had (your child – not to make a child sound like a possession), that you worked hard to take care of and to raise properly, and that person could not take it from you by force again because the family court deemed it to be in the child’s best interest to remain with the parent he had been with his whole life (i.e. you) so that person files a malicious report with Homeland Security which results in you being physically deported from the US – and she does that for the sole reason of getting custody of your child – the child she abandoned 10 years earlier – can you honestly say that you would not be obsessed with that person?
  4. If you’re trying to live your life according to a few basic ethics, like not providing false testimony about others in court, and trying to teach your child to be honorable and dignified, yet that other person incessantly makes egregious lies about you in court (like claiming you “hid” the child from her for the 9 years she was absent) in order to get the court’s pity – would you, again, not be obsessed with that person?
  5. If, for the past 3 years, your child has been forced to live with such a monster of a human, even though he hates it and wants to come home and get back to the way of life he was used to, yet you are absolutely incapable of doing anything to help him because that other person just has to shed some tears and tell a few more lies and everyone feels sorry for her and gives her what she wants – Are you really telling me that you would not make it your life’s goal to do everything you can to ruin that person’s life?
  6. If a person contacted your friends, family, and associates and told them horrendous claims about you to discredit you and to turn them against you and as a result you lost a significant number of your associates, then when you do the same thing to them a few years later – except the claims you make about her are true and you provide physical proof of them – she cries to the police and courts, has you arrested for “harassment” and gets a restraining order against you (remember, you’re only doing back to her what she did to you, but you’re not lying about her) – am I to understand that you would be okay with that?
  7. If you had a best friend who had done nothing wrong and, in fact, had helped you raise your child while that other person was off living her new life with her new family, and that person called Homeland Security and sent them to your friend’s home almost resulting in your best friend who had nothing to do with any of the bullshit between the two of you being deported – You would not be obsessed with doing everything you could to make sure such a person eventually got what they deserved?
  8. If this person, while holding your child against his will, more than 1500 miles away, took it a step further and confiscated the phone you provided the child so the two of you could communicate without interference – a phone which the family court expressly ordered her not to interfere with – and suddenly only allowed your child to speak with you on her landline phone, which she monitors and records, and only in her presence – You still would not be obsessed with that person?

This, my friends, is just a small sampling of the bullshit Desiree has pulled over the past 4 years.

Now you tell me: Do you really think Patrick is being unreasonable?  Do you really think he’s “obsessed”?

Patrick openly admits that his primary goal in life, until the day he dies, is to do absolutely everything he can (within the confines of the laws of the jurisdiction he happens to be in at the time) to destroy Desiree’s life and to cause her to experience as much misery as possible.  And the ONLY things he will ever use in the pursuit of that goal is records and proof of her own actions, her own words, and her own beliefs.

And that is the purpose of this website: to make public the very long list of abominable things Desiree has done and continues to do to people – not just Patrick and their son.  She can say, all she wants, that everything on this site is lies, but you may notice Patrick almost always posts supporting evidence for every claim he makes about her. If there were a single lie on this website both Desiree and James could easily sue Patrick for libel and he would have to pay them significant sums of money in punitive damages – but alas, there are no lies here.

And more importantly, anyone with half an intellect would listen to her rendition of things, and then consider the other party’s (be it Patrick, or anyone else she is conflicting with) story and almost every time her story will be full of holes, and just not be plausible in the real world – the world that exists outside her head.

Before I go, let me give you one concrete example of how she will so easily say things that can ruin a person’s life without giving it a second thought:

In 2011 Desiree testified in family court that Patrick had hid their son from her for the 9 years she was absent and that that was the only reason she was out of his life.  She testified that she was unable to locate them.  She testified that she had filed reports with the local Sheriffs in Florida.  She cried and testified that she thought of their son every day of that time she wasn’t with him.  And the court ate it up and hated Patrick…until she was asked why, in that 9 years she never notified the court; and why there were absolutely no records of any reports being filed by her; and why she never contacted child protective services; and how it is that when their son and Patrick were living in Phoenix they were in regular contact with her mother who used to babysit for him, yet she claimed to have no idea where we were?

I ask you this: what kind of sick, fucked up person would NOT be obsessed with destroying a person like Desiree?  I can only think of one such person right now: James Pendleton!


31 Responses to Patrick’s Sick Obsession with Desiree Capuano

  1. ChangedPerspective says:

    This was the final straw for me.

    I completely support your website.

  2. mel says:

    you are a special kind of asshole, aren’t you? you’re too organised and aware of the law to be mentally ill, so that means you are this shitty in cold sober sane daylight. you can’t even blame illness for what a crap human being you are, it’s all your personality that is worthless shit.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Just as I respect your right to despise me for the reasons you’ve stated, I only ask that you respect my right to despise Desiree for whatever reasons I deem appropriate.

      And just as you have the right to express your opinion of me (though some of your content is expressed as statements, not opinions), I merely ask that you also respect my right to express my opinions about Desiree.

      Does that not seem fair?

      • Canadian Girl says:

        No because we teach our kids to not be BULLIES!….stop being one!!! How about being a civilized co-parent for the sake of your child, ppppllleeeeaaassseee. -from a child of divorced parents.

        • Patrick Fox says:

          What is wrong with so many of you? We are NOT “co-parents”! She left him behind for 9 years then came back pretending to be sweet and nice and the first moment she got she abducted him to Arizona and it took me 3 months to get him back (that was in 2011). She has never done anything remotely parental. Even this thing about going to CBC with this story – did you hear her make one mention of our son? NO! It’s all about her!

      • Fuckingidiot says:

        You’re a piece of shit and deserve to be locked up for life. I’ll be waiting for you when you get released from jail so I can beat the shit out of you.

  3. Canadian Girl says:

    Lot’s of people go through difficulties in life, what matters is she is there for him now, it’s a very special relationship between a mother and child. I have Mental Health Issues and I am very fearful I am not doing a good enough job with my kids. As I stated my parents divorced and my Mom got custody, it was my choice to go to my Dads on the weekend, everything was at my Moms house, so many times I didn’t go and I know this must of broke his heart. I’m an adult now and I try so hard to do things with him whenever I get the chance because he’s done so much for me and the most important thing he did was respect my Mom and be civil with her it taught me how to behave with people I may not like or get along with, we all need to be a little more kind with one another and think about the future…does your son ski? We have great ski hills here in Beautiful BC, give it time and I bet when he’s an adult just like me, he will decide to spend equal amounts of time with both parents. Some day your Grandchildren and going to learn your kind ways! 🙂 <3 Take Care, From one Peaceful Canadian to another. <3

    • Patrick Fox says:

      I’m sorry but I must respectfully disagree with you. I believe parents have responsibilities and obligations to their children no matter what! A parent who leaves a child to go back to an old boyfriend (whom she married while still being married to me, by the way), does not deserve to call themselves a parent. A parent who takes a child from the only life and family they’ve ever known after being completely absent for 9 years, and having only had 2 brief visits with the child a month before abducting them is the worst kind of person.

      Those are things Desiree has done. There is no excuse for her and there will be no forgiveness from me.

    • Bee 🐝 says:

      You’re right about a special bond between a mother and child, but the bond can really only thrive when the mother is present and nurturing. Divorced parents is a common thing that several families deal with, and each child of divorced parents will handle life differently. Some kids benefit greatly without one of their parents. I’d rather my father be completely out of my life than appear whenever he wants or needs something from me. It’s “nice” that she is “there for” G***** currently, but at the same time, we don’t know her true intentions…so can we really support Desiree?

      As for Patrick…jeeze. I can’t even try to say that I understand what you’re going through (as I’m 19), but tone it down a notch. People get that you’ve been screwed over, but it’s a bit extreme to say that it is your life goal to destroy your ex-wife’s reputation, and that this is what you’re going to spend the rest of your natural life doing. But if you wish to continue this, may I suggest writing a book or short novel? Maybe change up characters, because this has been very amusing for me to read. I’ve been on this blog since 5 in the morning…It currently 9 AM (Toronto). Tbh this would make a very entertaining illustrated novel. Sorry if I’m being a bit insensitive.

  4. Canadian Girl says:

    Definition of a “Parent” and (I even Googled it!) is this: A female person whose egg unites with a sperm of a male person resulting in the conception or birth of a child. You are equal parts providers for the child for the rest of that child’s life, you know longer have to look at that “egg providers” shenanigans. What only matters now is that child that lives, eats, breathes because you were 50% responsible for making that happen and for raising that child for those 9 years, don’t think your child doesn’t know this and some day will say thank you to you for this in a big way. I know how sad you must be that you can’t be apart of his everyday life (my Dad had 4 kids, he didn’t see daily when he made the choice to work at Army Headquarters and move out of Province….and oh did my Mom find so much fault in this,,,blah, blah blah, it was in the court order that he would not move further than such and such away from you kids…trust me we remember every hurtful thing each parent says about the other one. We remember that stuff forever!) Wait till he’s an adult he will make all the right decisions. Would love to see a BLOG of you and him with Pictures and stories, a place to cherish all those memories together and to add new ones, will he be visiting you during Spring break??? I think the American one is different than ours….not sure when there’s is

    • Patrick Fox says:

      There are many pictures of us on my Facebook page – but I don’t share that publicly. He won’t be coming this spring break because Desiree filed a claim of domestic violence in the family court last month and until the court has a chance to “evaluate” the validity of the claim all visitation is suspended. He didn’t come for his last winter break because Desiree just didn’t “allow” it. He didn’t come for his last fall break because, even though I requested it in writing, she simply didn’t respond.

      But I understand what you’re saying.

  5. Canadian Girl says:

    I think you deserve the highest of admiration, for being his sole provider, from the time your son was 18 months to 11 years old, you are a Good Father for Raising your child as a single parent during those very important early learning years. My son is 7 years old and my daughter is 3 and sometimes my guy and me argue at times, but we are going to co-parent, for the rest of time, we haven’t married and don’t think we intend to, our most important title is “parent…Co-parent” and if that means further down the road we decide to no longer live in the same place, separate our assets, we will still ensure our kids have parents that are ivil and accommodating to one another. Just be a good person and the rest will follow…kids are always watching and learning. Hope you have a Good night. Take Care 🙂

  6. Matt says:

    I’m surprised how RCMP or American police haven’t investigated Capuano for hate speech, making false claims to police (attempting to groundlessly criminalize another person), and other potential offences. And given her history, I can’t believe any competent clear-thinking judge would award sole custody to her of your son, esp. someone with mental illness. Anyway, I wish you the best, hopefully you’ll regain sole custody and reunite with your son in the future, and I hope he resists her indoctrination.

    • Canadian Girl says:

      As someone with “Mental Illness” this does not invalidate them to be a proper parent! It’s a two way street, both sides have participated in hateful, hurtful, slander and malicious processes. Time for both sides to wipe the slate clear and get on with life, you only have one to live…don’t live it carrying around hate in you heart, live it with love and kindness.

  7. Canadian Girl says:

    opps spelling error, its getting late.*Civil*

    I’m sure my Dad wouldn’t mind speaking with you about his Divorce…but hes not in Bc at the Moment, him and his new wife are on a trip down to the States in their RV, checking out California, Arizona, Nevada…they won’t make it back for my Daughters 4th birthday, but I’m glad he is enjoying his newly retired from the Military life and getting some much needed R & R…you can’t even know how much kids care about their Dads, especially Daughters…maybe that should be the next thing to check off on the bucket list….new wife…new daughter. <3 🙂 Live life and enjoy it….then she will be posting websites about you! lol. Look at him all enjoying his life….how dare he, lol I better get to bed or I won't be up eraly to play with my cute kids in the morning. Take Care my fellow Beautiful British Columbian, it will get better, trust me! 🙂

  8. doug king says:

    It’s great. I’ve known women like this tramp Diseree. Think they can say and do anything get away with it. I wouldn’t listen to these liberal pussies that cry about this as wrong. It’s justice. You reap what you sow

  9. richard says:

    This lady is fucking Eva braun reincarnated

  10. James says:

    I unfortunately have to agree with what you are doing here with this website.

    I myself am dealing with a parent who is doing the same things to me and her children. It is scary. Children are only pawns to certain parents like her. It is far too common. More the norm if you speak to most men (brutal truth) and get them to open up and be honest about their situations. I did everything I could do to be a co-parent and get along for my children.

    My children have always been my life and I have done everything possible to protect them and my life with them. Costs have bankrupted me trying just to be somewhat fair. I found out laws aren’t supposed to be fair. (This makes no sense) It hasn’t worked due to our outlandish family law system that we have and along with parents that have the means to abuse them. This system sucks the life from good people. Far too many good men (80-90% are the men) aren’t allowed to be father’s. Mostly because of money. (Brutal truth) and control. Maybe just maybe more things like this website as brutal and anger provoking as it is will invoke change in our laws. Nothing else has in North America.

    I highly doubt it because lawyers are the only ones winning in the long run. Women are winning short term but with lasting effects on the children the say they love. No one in the system REALLY cares about the children, or good intelligent people would stand up. Politicans are lawyers. This means money out of their and their friends pockets, less votes, etc. So I personally feel no changes will come from them until good people stand up and say enough is enough.

    Just so everyone knows. I was never sexist until I was thrown into this system by no fault of my own. I am definitely sickened by how unequal parenting is. You want the best for your children but unjust, unfair, biased laws won’t allow it.

    When will enough be enough????

    I figure it will be once all these people taking advantage of the laws and children will see their own sons and daughters being taken advantage of when they meet people like them.

  11. Jane E says:

    I will admit I lowered myself to at least read the background of Desiree’s and your…uh…relationship you posted. I will even admit there may be some truth to what is said. The rest of this BS is simply too overwhelming and too long and needlessly wordy to read, honestly. Also, your grammar and editing could use A LOT of work.

    What I don’t get is the ultimate purpose, I guess. I can be a grudge holder extraordinaire sometimes but damn, you, Mr. Fox, bring it to a whole new fulmigating lower level. Doxxing Desiree’s address and FB friends is one thing (a very heinous thing) but posting her younger son’s name and videos of him really hits it out of the ball park and not in a good way.

    You can hate her all you want and that is your prerogative but dragging the kids into it (even though one is not your own) is beyond nasty. The wishing you could shoot her also seems like one tiny step away from doing the actual deed IMO. I’ve read that serial killers first fantasize about it. Then comes the killing of small animals, then…well, you get the picture I’m sure.

    I actually understand your dilemma – my ex hates me and after hating him for a good little while, I now simply tolerate him in my grown child’s life. As she’s grown older she has realized he’s a jerk and a narcissistic liar. She may or may not know he’s a sociopath and I value my relationship with her too much to make an issue out of it.

    What I know with quite a bit of certainty after reading what I did is that both you and Desiree are narcissistic liars who care not a whit about the child you made together.

    • Patrick says:

      You are correct – I am, sometimes, possibly a little too verbose. The reason is I believe communication should be clear and thorough.

      What many people fail to realize is that a lot of my motivation to keep at this comes from wanting my son to be able to choose for himself where he will live. Desiree does not give him that choice. As long as she is forcing him to live with her, against his will, and subjecting him to all the horrible things in her life (have you seen the collection of police reports on the “Legal Shit” page?), then I have to do everything I can to try to help him get out of that situation. Since the family court has made it clear they won’t do anything, regardless of how much proof I provide of Desiree’s drug use, child abuse, et cetera, then what other (legal) avenues do I have left?

  12. Jane E says:

    Has your son been allowed to.address the court? Several states allow the child to choose at a certain age, which parent he/she wants to live with or will at least take that child’s request underr advisement when making a decision for that child. Though, if were him and had to choose between the two of you, I think I’d end up going to live in a Tibetan monastery.

    • Patrick says:

      California Family Code 3042 provides that if the child is over the age of 14 then the court must allow the child to address the court if the child wishes, however the court is not required to grant whatever the child indicates he wants.

      My son did address the court, in 2013, and he unequivocally stated he wanted to return to my care. But the court said it didn’t believe he was mature enough to make the decision at that time. In November 2015, I filed a request for our son to address the court again (he’s 15 now). A hearing was set for January 2016, but the court pushed it off to late March. Then in March, the court pretended it had no idea that’s what I was requested and told me I’d have to file another request.

      It’s been my experience, that’s the kind of stuff the courts do when they don’t have a legal basis for denying your request – they lose documents, postpone hearings, et cetera.

      As for your opinion about me being a bad parent, keep in mind, the only aspects of me which you’ve encountered have been this website. My son fully supports what I’m doing in that respect because he doesn’t want to be with Desiree either and if this will help him get away from her then he doesn’t oppose it.

      Because she records and listens to our phone calls we can’t even speak openly with each other – she punishes him if he says something she doesn’t like (e.g. if he says he doesn’t want to be there). So please, tell me, when you’re dealing with that kind of a person, and at the same time the family court is blatantly ignoring everything she’s doing, yet holding you responsible for everything you do – what else am I supposed to do?

    • Patrick says:

      Say, I appreciate that you’ve actually taken the time to review some of the stuff on this site before drawing your conclusions, but did you happen to listen to the interview Desiree did the day after the CBC story aired? Do you see how effectively she so easily manipulated so many people with that CBC story? Meanwhile, her whole performance was a sham – she was laughing about it the whole time.

      You cannot fight someone like that in court, or by playing by the rules, because they have no regard for things like truth, honesty, fairness, or decency.

  13. Jane E says:

    I watched the CBC interview and then listened to her interview. Frankly, the both of you are pretty despicable individuals. You are both adults and know the difference between right and wrong. There really is no good excuse for this website. You are obviously obsessed with your ex-wife. I suggest drugs and therapy. I’m not being facetious either. These things helped me during the implosion of my marriage and the divorce.

    You will disagree, but I guarantee that you are ruining your son’s life and his ability to live a semi-normal adult life. Please don’t bother arguing this. You simply can’t. Hell, I had a great mom but also had a dad who didn’t seem to care if I was alive or not most of the time and yeah, I ended up a little screwed up. I can only imagine how messed up your kid is right now. Your habit of discussing this website and encouraging him to read it is simply…stomach turning.

    I won’t say I’ll think of you or your POS ex-wife in the future. The people I will think of are your son and your ex’s younger son for whom you’ve shown little to no respect or care. This child doesn’t understand hate (that’s probably changed by now) or custody battles. If you do just one thing, please take down his name and videos/pictures from this bizarre website.

    • Patrick says:

      Indeed, I won’t attempt to argue the points with you. I will, however, point out that much of what you claim is based on unfounded assumptions you’ve made. For example, I don’t “encourage” my son to read this site, and he has little interest in what’s on it; I’ve never involved my son in any of the disputes with Desiree, can you find a single instance of me doing so? Simply referring to him is not involving him; the belief that my son would be adversely affected by the content of this site requires that he perceives Desiree as a maternal figure, yet there is no evidence to support the belief that he does.

      I believe it would hurt my son far more if I were to “give up” on this “battle”. I believe, in his mind, that would be equivalent to me saying he’s not worth fighting for. I went through that with my own parents when I was a child and I would never turn away, or give up on my child.

  14. Patrick says:

    On a side note, I find it interesting that so many people insist that what I am doing (running this website) is wrong, but so far nobody has been able to propose an alternative approach.

    So, I think unless someone can propose a “better” way for me to deal with Desiree, then maybe you should all stop criticizing what I’m doing and realize that sometimes the only way to defend yourself against an evil person is to be evil in return.

  15. Not by choice absent dad says:

    Patrick I feel your pain . I am where you are. Please take down the website and channel this energy elsewhere. The real culprit here is the system that allow deadbeat mom’s like desiree to get away with this. Please shine a positive light instead if you can no matter how hard. You can contact me anytime after taking down the website. I will be there for you. Trust me when I say I know EXACTLY what you are going through.

  16. Terra H. says:

    Personally, I feel like devoting all of this attention and time to her, giving her a platform to elicit sympathy, etc. is giving her far more credit than she deserves. If she IS the type of person you describe then (and you’ve pointed this out yourself) this website is not actually having a negative effect on her and she likely takes pleasure in all of the attention. If she’s so terrible (and I’m not saying she isn’t) then it will be evident to your son and those around her and what you’re doing simply reflects negatively on you and actually gets in the way of this process. If she is as you describe she WILL destroy herself just fine on her own. Ignoring her manipulative, attention seeking behavior and going on to enjoy your life without her in it would be much more effective in dealing with such a person.

    • Terra H. says:

      And just to be clear: I am NOT saying give up on your son. Stay in his life the best you can, and be positive! This negativity does and will have an effect on him and likely the opposite of what you’d desire. Whether or not he visits the site or is involved in any of these conversations, this now has national media attention and he won’t be able to stay sheltered from it, and it may cause him to be bullied or harassed by others who do access the site. Do you really want his school mates making fun of him for having a whore mother who took it in the ass with Crisco as a lubricant? I know she may deserve this, but he doesnt. Keep on fighting, keep on letting him know how much you love him and that he always has a place with you… but his mother isn’t worthy of all this attention and he doesn’t deserve to suffer for her mistakes.

  17. —- says:

    if you lose custody to your kid, and you love them that much I would assume your goal would be to obtain as much connection or access to your kid as possible not focus on ruining their mothers life and effectively theirs since they live with their mom, and simultaneously sabotaging your own chances of seeing your kid again.

    It really seems like your hatred for your ex wife is stronger than your love for your own child if this is the way to be going about things. You know that this will have a very negative impact on your child’s life somewhere down the road and you sacrifice your child’s future happiness in order to keep taunting your ex wife. Great priorities

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