My Son’s Opinion of This Website

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Hello, peoples!

I am writing to inform all of those people who keep insisting that Patrick is harming his son by having this website up, what the reality of the situation is.

Our son called him this evening.  They chatted.  Talked about what he’s been up to the past week.  He’s auditioning for a play at school next week; he’s been learning the piano.  Eventually, Patrick asked him if he’s heard about what’s been going on with the media and this website.  He knew.  His opinion?  Just didn’t give a shit.  It’s not that he wanted to ask Patrick to stop, or to cut back – he simply DID NOT care!

This might sound harsh to a lot of readers, but an asshole mother like me, who abandons their child then comes back 9 years later and abducts the child away from all the people he’s ever thought of as family is not likely to rate very highly in the child’s mind.

Like Patrick has said over and over: his son just doesn’t care!  I could die 0f a heart attack tomorrow and our son would be more concerned about the lint in his pocket than he would about me.  I have been a mother by biology only and have not brought a single good thing into his life.

So please stop telling me about how Patrick is harming our child by having this website up.


18 Responses to My Son’s Opinion of This Website

  1. truthteller says:

    Oh, please. Who are you trying to convince?

    You told a boy you’d shoot his mother if you could get away with it. You obsess over trying to ruin her life, and speak of this mission with some kind of sick pride. You have damaged a child irreparably no matter what you think you did to “help” him. You live in fantasy-land, and not of the disney variety. He is growing up without you and that is the best thing that could happen to him.

    You fit the bill of an (your words) “asshole parent who abandons his children”: you went to jail, remember? The ultimate abandonment with a loser – criminal, deported – father thrown in at no charge. Keep trying to blame this on everyone and everything else (that’s what losers do).

    I love how your ex-wife has built a happy and fulfilling life for herself that does include her son and has no time for sickos like you. THAT is the ultimate “revenge”, pal.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Interesting. Are you saying you consider a person making a deliberate choice to abandon their child equivalent to a person being taken, by force, against their will to jail?

      And before you claim I committed a crime so it was my own fault, have a look at the court records on the Maricopa County Superior Court website (, case numbers:
      All charges were dismissed – but not because I accepted some diversion program – because I didn’t commit the crimes. But still, they held me without bail, for 15 months while I fought those charges, representing myself.

      So I really don’t think me “going to jail” is comparable to Desiree choosing her boyfriend over her child.

      • Missy says:

        Patrick, you must have been hurt bad to have this much hatred in your heart. The best revenge is always success darling. Find yourself a good woman, find true love, leave her in the dust! Your son will want to come live with you. You are good looking and have much to offer. Don’t let her continue to ruin your life and bring unhappiness, hatred and anger to you….she’s not worth it! Have more babies if that’s what you want. Enjoy a great life for yourself!

    • Mark says:

      I get the distinct feeling these posts from “truthteller” and others are really just this piece of trash, Desiree, or at least people she knows. No sympathy from me. This page and all its content are going on my Facebook page and eventually my website. People like her need to be exposed.

  2. Adiobam says:

    I’ve seen a divorce like this, where everyone sides with the mom because the dad had 1 bad mark against him. Mom took the 3 kids and left, later her boyfriend ended up killing her and 2 of the kids in a drunk driving accident. The surviving kid said it was VERY common for the mom and BF to be fucked up on drugs, beat the children, verbally and mentally abuse them, but when questioned the mom was suddenly a perfect angel who had never done anything wrong and was just trying to live her life without the dad interfering because he was some monster.

    The dad lost 2 of his 3 babies because everyone believed the mom over him because he’d been to jail. Probably because he wouldn’t break down as a sobbing mess in court during the custody battles.

    Maybe this site is a wrong move, but I support Patrick all the way. Haters gonna hate guy! Fight the good fight.

  3. Robert says:

    I feel sorry to hear the law enforcement has eventually separate a child from his farther for the whole childhood because of an issue of his parents. The law enforcement and the society tend to protect women more than men as though men are always stronger than women. This is really not always the case.
    Life is short, try to forgive what happened in the past and love what you get today, start exploring a brand new life journey of your own. Eventually FORGIVE makes the past a past and LOVE makes the future a good future.

  4. Doug says:

    Hi there! Just found this site due to a share on Facebook! The word’s definitely getting out!
    I have a strange sneaky feeling that all of the hateful comments you’re getting are *probably* from human beings who *just happen to have* internal sex organs….. LOL

    I feel your pain. Women, most anyway (not all), are demons waiting for the opportunity to bring out the horns and tail. I’m GLAD the courts have forced her to allow you and your son to talk. A few more years (don’t know how old he is now) when he’s of age, and he’ll be emancipated from the womb that bore him and this will all be history. In the meantime, at least you have a legal means of bringing the atrocities of legalized kidnapping to light.
    At the same time, having been in similar shoes to your own, I know also how it is a BURDEN to do what you’re doing with this site. You’d much rather NOT have to do it; much rather that the wench just simply BE FAIR in everything. But some people, they need help wanting to be nice. Though maintaining this site, having to think about the ugliness and cruelty you’ve endured at the hands of your ex demon, day in and day out is a burden…just remember, you’re doing it for her. You are helping her to want to be nice. If she’s willing to learn to be nice on her own, perhaps you would be willing to remove the spotlight from her? Might wanna just toss that out there to her and see if she’s willing to be nice on her own? 🙂

    Stay strong, my friend.

  5. Doug says:

    One more thing…you are one of THOUSANDS of victimized men out there, on the losing end of the stick primarily because your sexual organs are on the outside of your body. I BET you could make a living as a consultant helping other victims create sites such as this one…helping victimized men figure out the best way to help their ex demon want to be nicer. You should consider starting such a consulting business, my friend. Your existing knowledge of the laws and its limitations, the research you’ve done, etc. puts you in the PERFECT spot for doing this!
    Just thinking out loud. 😀

  6. Daniella says:

    What a jerk. You sound just like my biological sperm donor, or what most people call it, my dad. I’m in my third year of studying psychology, and you fit so many mental disorders, it’s frightening. Take a good look at yourself. You are beyond despicable, and taking revenge like this just goes to show how immature you are. That’s okay though, karma will creep back into your life and really fuck you up. My “dad” acted out just like you, and said nasty shit about my mother to me all the time, but the funny thing is, she never acted the way he talked about, and I’ve lived with her for my entire life. If you were a REAL man, you wouldn’t do this shit. You’d drop it, and stop being a whining bitch. If you actually love your son, you’d go to court and fight for visitation rights, BUT GUESS WHAT?! You don’t love him, because you are involving him in this psychopathic shit. Have fun rotting away in the hell you’re living in, because you totally deserve nothing but the worst, dick.

    • MRA MRA MRA says:

      If you knew anything about psychology, you would know that you shouldn’t try to diagnose anyone based on a website they run, or comments they make to it.

      You sound like one of those man hating women’s studies students.

      Sounds like mommy did a good job of poisoning you against daddy, and all men. You a dyke too sweetheart?

  7. Balou says:

    Do it to bro. Great job.Blast this bitch with everything you got. By any chance you have a Desiree scat picture. That would be so hot bro. If not a tit will do.

  8. Ray says:

    I truly believe you. And yeah its tough to move on when you share a kid – the wound can’t heal.

  9. Greg says:

    Saw the story on cbc. I must say its pretty sad people think its okay to abandon a baby and come back 9 years later to adbuct him … You raised him , she pretty much gave you custody a ran out of selfishness. Fuck her and anyone who thinks a “parent” can do that.

  10. Greg says:

    Shes a druggy and abandand her son untill he was nine… She should be fighting for custody not the other way around. Drugs guns and unstable employment are no place for a child. I she adopted her son she didnt raise him.

  11. Nancy says:

    The entire situation is a big tangled spider web. She has made some very poor parenting choices and does seem to flip/flop with her willingness to cooperate. While I think it is great that you keep the lines of communication open with your son, I know from experience that children do not want to get sucked into the argument. They will say whatever it takes to keep themselves out of the argument. Have you considered that the strained relationship you have with his mother might be effecting him? He doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to get in the middle?

    I might have missed it, but why did you have an alias?

  12. ROGS says:

    Stealing children with hooks,and crooks like Desiree Capuano is what the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) does.

    Each child that is enmeshed in these systems by deadbeats like her is a win for cash-strapped states, as each state gains federal dollars every time another deadbeat sociopath like her uses the DVIC courts(and its armies of professional liars in policing, CPS, psychologists, social workers, etc.).

    Stay strong, I see you had a recent court date. These systems will stop at nothing to suppress your side of the story.

    One thought for you: did it ever occur to you that Desiree Capuano is a police informant, aka a snitch/rat? Women like her get by the way they do by feeding men into the system, as you experienced, as did her white supremacist boyfriend; and it usually begins with a guy like you, who helped her out many years ago.

    Those stories about feeding pearls to pigs, or taking in stray dogs exists for a reason, lol.. These female sociopaths are everywhere at all levels of society now, rewarded for their complicity, and sociopathy.

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