That Crazy CBC Story

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Good day, friends.

First, I have to give props to Natalie Clancy and the folks at CBC for running that story about this website. I mean, I claim this site is ruining my life yet I go to the media with it? Am I really that fucking retarded? This site has gotten so much activity today Patrick had to upgrade his hosting plan so that users wouldn’t get rejected.

As for how it might affect Patrick – honestly, he couldn’t possibly care less if “the masses” of sheep out there, blindly following the news media, think he’s an asshole. If I was hoping that running this story was going to upset him in some way I’m pretty misguided. As far as Patrick’s concerned, all it has done was driven a hell of a lot more traffic to the site and given him tonnes of free advertising.

Now, I do want to take a moment and clear up some confusion and misunderstandings that some people seem to have:

  • First, a lot of people seem to think I got custody of our son while Patrick was serving some prison sentence for perjury. That’s incorrect. Patrick never served a day in prison for perjury or for any other crime. You can verify that on the Bureau of Prisons website. Just enter the name “Richard Riess” and you’ll see there is a record for that name but no record of him ever being in their custody. In fact, I got custody of our son while Patrick was in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) “civil detention”, as a result of me calling them and telling them Patrick was a fugitive and an illegal alien. That happened in January 2013.
  • Second, everything Patrick is doing against me right now, I have already done to him over the past few years. He’s just much better at it. In 2012, before I “had him deported”, when he still had custody of our son, I contacted as many of his friends, associates, and people I thought were his family and told them all manner of lies to try to turn them against him. At least all he’s telling is the truth.
  • Patrick is not concerned with how all this affects our son because as he said in the interview: our son despises me for what I’ve done. You can’t abandon your child when he’s a year old then come back when he’s 11 and just pretend it’s all okay. Life is not a Disney movie people – children build a bond with a parent over time, that bond is not automatic and inherent. Our son didn’t choose to be with me – I abducted him.
  • Patrick’s legal name was never “Richard Riess”. He assumed that name in the 1990s – back when it was fairly easy to do so. He told Miss Clancy that, and he also told her he would not answer any questions regarding his place of birth, his citizenship, or his name prior to assuming the name “Richard Riess”. He just doesn’t believe that information is relevant to the topic of this website or the drama between myself and him.
  • My claims that Patrick hid our son from me for most of his life have already been determined to be completely false. During that whole 9 years I never once contacted the family court about it; Patrick was in contact with my mother – who used to babysit our son when they lived in Phoenix. If my claim were true then the court would not have ordered me to return our son to Patrick in 2011, the first time I abducted him.
  • Some people have expressed doubt that the documentary evidence posted on this site, proving the things I’ve done, is authentic. Anybody in the world can submit a public records request to the respective reporting agency and get their own copy. How do you think Patrick got them? Go ahead, we’re not hiding anything here. Contact the Scottsdale Police Department, or the Sahuarita Police Department, or the Pinellas County Sheriff, or the Santa Monica Police Department and request all the reports they have on me.
  • Some people seem to think that just because I have a medical marijuana card that means I’m not a drug addict. That’s absurd! Marijuana is a drug – it alters your mood. Just because I’m legally allowed to use it doesn’t make me any less of a druggie. And what about my meth use? I sure doesn’t have a medical meth card.
  • Some people actually submitted complaints to (the domain name registrar) requesting that they do something about the website. But is only the domain registrar – what you’re complaining about is the content on the website. The two have nothing to do with each other. has nothing to do with what’s published on a website that they don’t host. Also, be aware, every complaint that gets submitted to gets forwarded to Patrick.
  • Miss Clancy gave the impression that Shaw was somehow involved with hosting the website. In fact, it’s never been hosted by Shaw. Shaw only provided the internet connection when it was hosted on Patrick’s own server. It’s now hosted in Iceland because Iceland has amazing free speech laws. It’s also mirrored in Russia and Argentina – because none of those countries bow down to the US government.
  • Patrick has no interest in returning to the US. He likes it there in Canada and he’s not going to publicly disclose any information which the Canadian or US governments might be able to use to send him back to the US. To that end, any allegations about Patrick being a Canadian citizen or being born in Canada are fine with him. He neither admits nor denies them. You’re all free to believe whatever you want on that point.


That’s all for now – I have to go eat.


Update (2016-02-19)

Since this story ran on CBC, it has been picked up and/or reposted by numerous other news agencies – apparently as far away as Europe.  This site, which previously received about 30 visitors per day shot up to 33,000 visitors yesterday and it looks like it’s going to significantly surpass that today.

Patrick has been contacted by a few other news agencies asking if he’d be interested in being interviewed to “tell his side of the story”.  I wonder, is this really the outcome I expected?

As a result of the increase in traffic to this site, Patrick has upgraded the hosting plan twice since yesterday to ensure viewers will not be turned away.  Even still, it’s occasionally reaching the resource limits.

I’m amazed that so many people are interested in the bickering between a couple of unknown jackoffs like me and Patrick.


44 Responses to That Crazy CBC Story

  1. Ryan says:

    Its CBC, who the hell trusts the media?

    • BlackChevy says:

      You got that right Ryan. Before I was halfway through CBC’s article and long before I came here to see this site, I knew the CBC article was steering the reader, and not divulging the facts. 5 times I posted questioning things like why Patrick was not charged with kidnapping if he had hid his son like Desiree claimed, and other concerns I had about the article. All 5 times CBC blocked my posts. I asked for my account to be deleted and found out that you can never delete your CBC account. Your username, personal information and everything you post becomes CBC property FOREVER.! I believe it’s their backwards way of skewing their member numbers to get more government funding. It’s pathetic that Canadians are forcibly funding an organization that limits free speech more than North.Korea.

  2. Damn! says:

    I am glad you’ve made her life hell over what she has done to yours. Men are often fucked over by family court and yours was originally a rare win. She didn’t like how she lost and sought another way to fuck you over. She deserves all the hate she gets and every little bit of rejection she gets from potential employers.

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow…. I had no idea from the news story that she had been absent from your kids life for 11 years. That’s pretty sick :[ I hope things eventually work out for your sons favour. Never lose site of the fact that he is what matters here.

  4. Matt says:

    CBC is a lying, putridly biased, deceptive SJW network, it’s not a professional “news” outlet with journalistic standards by any measure, rather an opinionated partisan editorial hogwash. That station blindly took your ex’s word as the “shining truth”, gave her heavily disproportionate attention, painting her as “an innocent victim” defamed and wrecked by her “malicious ex-husband without legitimate grounds”. I already knew that the Canadian Bias Corporation is a lying POS based on their recent federal election news coverage, that’s why I decided to double-check by visiting this site for your side of the story, and behold the full truth unveiled. CBC should be privatized and not receive a dime of Canadian tax dollars if they seek to continue pushing their SJW agenda and continue their lying and deceptive “reporting”

  5. Megan says:

    So you feel your past is irrelevant, but you don’t apply that to your ex wife? That doesn’t make you seem shady at all.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t see how his past is relevant at all. This site isn’t about him. It’s about the piece of garbage that attempted to destroy his life. He’s only give back what she threw at him, only better. He’s one of the few Men out there who is brave enough to face the system and his ex wife and expose the truth about her.

  6. ChangedPerspective says:

    Could you please give more detail (if you can) about her arrest on your son’s birthday? Thank you.

  7. logjam says:

    The CBC report only made your site accessible to many, like me, who believe that the CBC is a misandristic outlet for feminist organizations. You have my support because you are not the only parent of a child that is being used as a tool in a war of sexes. I sincerely hope your child won’t suffer adverse effects and will grow to be a pleasant non biased individual.

    • ChangedPerspective says:

      As a daughter, I saw how horrible my dad’s first wife and their daughter dragged him through the mud and made his life miserable with false accusations. I’ve never met the daughter and, due to recent events, don’t even consider her anything more than someone I happen to share a father with. She got pregnant at age 16 when I was a year old.

      I vowed to never, ever, treat a man as my dad had been. It would be not very feminist of me to not treat someone with equal respect and dignity.

  8. Hummm says:

    Outstanding work, you’re a man after my own heart. I hope she lives a long life, filled with misery and suffering.

  9. joe says:

    every guy I know who has been through the family court has been fucked hard by lies I could do with a website myself. I would sleep a lot better.

  10. Rob says:

    You need to realize that Canada is now, for the women, by the women and always will be about nothing but the women. This country is a pathetic vaginamony in which men run scared of the litigious nature of feminazi’s. Women have all the legal power, all the educational institutions and all the political power. Only a huge war and depression will change that status. When the times comes for men to have to rebuild, women will accept being women or die. But I will never build some womans house because a collective of mostly women and a few manginas have decided on it. Women were never looked down on, never left out of anything until they decided they wanted more than they had. Who cares about the vote, the vote is a total sham to keep people thinking they are part of political power. Remember the Titanic ? Women and Children first. The only real women on that boat were the ones who stayed with their husbands because they felt there was no life without their man. Well guess how many women jumped on those liferafts, almost all of them that could, did. Think of all the wars, men dying in hellish conditions in the worst ways. How many women have died that way ? A few hundred up to this date. Yet women demand to be recognized like men on Remembrance day. Women are given the easy jobs, men are given the hard dirty jobs, the occupations that kill. When a male cop dies, its a stat, when a woman cop dies, its huge fucking national tragedy. Can a single woman firefighter pull a 170 pound man out of danger ? NO. It takes a woman with a male companion. A single male could do the job though. Women don’t put in the hours, or productivity as a man but demand the same pay for the same job. Women are given jobs in the name of equality but men are never given the opportunity for nice cushy jobs women hold. It might drive down the number of jobs open to women. Women are given more free education and are catered to by educators through all the grades and post secondary, men are left to rot, no education is catered to men. Even sports, equal funding must be available to women sports even if there aren’t enough women to form the same number of teams as men. Its a crazy feminist world that will get only more biased in favor of women as we go along. Men aren’t even being born at the same rate women are and no one gives a shit. It would seem only a few old white men and all women are able to achieve anything other than just being a good slave. Yay ! being a man. The world Andrea Dworkin and other true extremist feminists longed for has been achieved. And still women complain they can’t find a real man, but that man has to be a prince in looks and material wealth, otherwise women would rather own a dog. Being a good man is no longer enough. Being any sort of woman is a gift upon the world.

    • ChangedPerspective says:

      What great insight into the Titanic. It’s amazing to see someone in this day and age who was there to know how it all went down.

  11. Sarah says:

    Rob, you are a douche of the first order. Women are given easy jobs? Tried giving birth lately? Its a real shame your mother did.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Last time I checked women had the choice to give birth or not. If a person chooses to put themselves through something which is not mandatory for their survival then you can’t really whine about it being so hard, now can you?

      • Realist says:

        True, Patrick. That’s why I never had a child and never married. I didn’t want to be tied down and I just couldn’t imagine the pain of it all not to mention the long term responsibility and the possibility of ending up in a situation like yours, Patrick. Had long term relationships but nothing that I needed a lawyer to get out of. Keep all the financials separate and if it tanks, be on your merry way.

    • ChangedPerspective says:

      As a woman, I am embarrassed when other women try to use THEIR choice to push another human being out of their body as an excuse for everything. Too often, I have to use the phrase, “You gave birth to a child, not a PHD” because of this train of thought.

      No one cares.

  12. Noyfb says:

    Right Patrick, if Desiree made that choice you’d then label her a murderer. The more you post the more it’s very transparent that you dislike women in general. Mommy issues it seems as you never mention her. It’s clear you had a traumatic childhood as you have zero empathy. It’s always all over this site how you’re the victim & the downtrodden. Yet you are so delusion ally hypocrites you fail to see you are now the victimizer. You’re truly a time bomb to explode on the wrong woman. Great example you are to your son. You’ve got an justifying answer for all your choices & posts in this site. Really you simply need to be put away. At the least your bullying & honest at worst I see it as slander. You’re really a disgusting monster. I’ll be the first to thank Karma when your choices that have come to light destroys your life & you’ll have no kne to blame but yourself.

    • Lloyd says:

      Why do feminists think they are instant psychologists? I have seen this before. Man disagrees with a feminist and the woman says “You hate all women, you must have “mommy” issues.” Obviously Patrick has an issue with ex. Women who have an issue with their ex will sometimes collaborate and get him charged for sexual assault , or as we saw with Ghomeshi, go to the media first. In Canada they are actually encouraged to do this. Men have to be more creative to get their side of the story heard while staying on the save side of the law.

  13. Bill from Alberta says:

    The CBC owes you an apology, I sent them a note this morning, see below,
    Good morning,

    I, like many others read the story on the developments regarding the Patrick Fox- Desiree Capuano website. I found your story to be unbalanced and subjective. A company like CBC, should take great pains to ensure accuracy. At least have the common sense to direct the reader to the locations in the website where a reader may make an informed judgement, as the author has done. Your generalities of ‘vulgar and demeaning’ fall far short of the actual story. In my opinion.
    Why were the mothers arrests, her exposing the children to drug use, criminal activity and abandonment not mentioned.
    What is put forward is a sexist piece, one that only tells one side of the story.
    All the arrest details are in there for both the mother and her boyfriend(s).
    If you were a parent, disallowed from contact from your child(ren) in another country, how would you react?
    If you were married to an American, who bore you an American child, would you not expect some rights as an American?
    This man was detained and deported, therefore forced away from his child, who is now in the care of a person that has exposed the child to fraud, theft of firearms, serious drug use- both marijuana and methamphetamine, counterfeit money laundering and abandonment.
    This story is not objective at all, only and example of taking the word of a person with crocodile tears as truth.
    The investigative reporter should face the reporters at the 5th Estate to explain the failures in this story.

    • Blackchevy says:

      Will Bill, I hope it works out and CBC does apologize. I, on the very first day spent hours and hours on here trying to figure what was reallly going on and found there to be a lot of credibility to what he’s saying. Every post I put on CBC stating that people needed to look at EVERYTHING on here before passing judgement was shut down and I believe I am currently banned by CBC from posting.
      Really amazing though is all the fucktard drive by shooters that come in here, write the longest post ever about how he should die (ironic they’re wishing on him what he wants for his ex) and all that other bullshit they spew and you can tell that they have not spent 5 minutes researching a single thing. That in itself is just fuciing moronic and gives NO credibility to a word they say. The worst us only a few come back to argue.
      Now, any of you brainiacs that are going to go off and start claiming I’m Patrick, think again. I’m from Pennsylvania and will gladly post my cell number. I can, and will reply to everyones text message between midnight and 6 AM EST and will continue to for decades if I see fit.
      Have a great day

      • Blackchevy says:

        By the way. Sorry to all for typos. I’m in Walmart doing groceries, not sitting on the couch at home.

  14. Toronto Feminist Hellhole says:

    Feminazi women in Toronto are the worst! No wonder the tradcon and feminazi media BOTH made biased news articles against the man in the tradcon Toronto Sun and the feminazi CBC News.

    Toronto is a city where feminazis flourish and thrive!

  15. Toronto Feminist Hellhole says:

    Toronto feminazi women are so keen on playing the “victim” card that a police department out of the city boundaries York Regional Police went all the way to downtown Toronto to harass a man while he waiting on his court hearing; a court hearing caused by bogus allegations from a Ryerson University campus doctor.

    It’s no fucking surprise that the tradcon Toronto Sun and feminazi CBC News is portraying that hoochie on the website as some type of victim. Toronto sheeple are known to be manginas and white knights for women regardless if they are horrible false accusers and/or militant feminazis.

  16. bob says:

    get over it and take your 2 inch penis and find another wife

    • bob says:

      What a bunch of losers, all these guys afraid of women. I guess your dick not big enough to please them.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      By “get over it” are you suggesting I should forget about my son? Just put him behind me and move on? Maybe I can just make another one, right? Fuck it, they’re just children, right?

      You know, much of my loathing of Desiree stems from her ongoing efforts to try remove me from our son’s life – the son she didn’t even acknowledge for 9 years.

  17. Hugh says:

    WoW, just Wow!
    I gota really hand it too you Patrick, you really did attack your life problem in quite an asymmetric but exceptionally effective way.
    would seem her internet footprint will be tarnished forever.
    have you considered also posting her to websites like nik rickie takes peoples freedom of speech very seriously.
    regardless, I hope things turn out in your favor in the long run, and keep your stick on the ice bud!

  18. Simon says:

    I read the CBC article and noticed right away that it’s a one-sided story. Isn’t that against the basis principals in news reporting? Shame on it!

    With the rising of feminism and corresponding unfair treatment of men in our systems, no wonder traditional families are disappearing in western society.

    I won’t be surprised that if scientists can build a smart & hot humanoid robot lady one day, most sane men will rush to get one and forget all those more-trouble-than-good women in flesh. Then comes the end of human race after a few generations, in peace. May not be a bad thing for this planet. All thanks to the feminism!

  19. juli says:

    If she’s like you say, how come you don’t report her to a Child Protective Service for infant negligence and long-term drug abuse. Even if she’s not charged, having them stand on her doorway and interview the household should be enough to hopefully give her some sense. They may also issue a search warrant for meth and other drugs in her house. We’re talking about acting in the best interest of the child. I hope it all works out!

    • Patrick Fox says:

      I have reported her to CPS in the past. They interviewed her and she put on her sweet, caring face and CPS said there was nothing to be concerned about.

      The police *did* execute a search warrant on her house and *did* find meth and stolen guns. Yet nothing happened to her. That kind of stuff just happens over and over with Desiree. That is why I started this website.

  20. Lloyd says:

    Looks like a group of feminazis are spamming you Patrick. Welcome to Canada!

  21. well well well says:

    Fuck these white knight pussies. This bitch deserves to be raked across the coals over and over again.

  22. JB says:

    Patrick, my husband and I went through the nightmare of family court with his first wife in regards to access to his daughter; it truly is a disgusting process, and anyone’s who’s been tortured by it comes out forever changed. In our case we spent all of our three children’s college funds trying to get custody or access to their sister. In our case there was no criminal activity, no drug use, and no possible suspicion of any kind of abuse by us. That being said $100,000 later we never got one night with that child in our home and she is now 16 years old. Hopeful that she might one day seek us out, but those lost years in between are disgusting. I hope the years your son was with you built the strong foundation you’ll be able to build on in the future Compassion to you for the bullshit you’ve been through, and years from now this will hopefully feel like a crazy brutal nightmare that you made it through – take care.

  23. Pork Chop says:

    Rp get a life! It’s not your fight!

  24. DUDE

    I love what you did. and I dont blame you for a seond. the whole world is demonizing you over this. but know one understands that you lost your child. man my heart goes out to you over this. I would not stop until she is oblilerated. cantact me at r***** I want to do an episod on this this is pricless

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