The Best Proof That I’m Lying About My Ex-Husband Hiding Our Son From Me for 9 Years – My Own Sworn Testimony

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Hello, again.

There’s been a lot of hubbub in the media about my claim that Patrick (my ex-husband) hid our son from me for 9 years.  What a monster he is!  Well, Patrick has maintained that that allegation is completely false and that, in fact, it was I who left and forgot about our child.

For most people this sounds like “he said, she said” and there’s just no way to know for sure what the truth is.  Well, actually, in the great tradition of Desiree Capuano, I have told so many lies that they’ve gotten all tangled up and I haven’t been able to keep track.

Desiree’s Sworn Declaration in the Family Court (2011)

Here is a scanned copy of the sworn declaration I submitted to the family court back in 2011.

Notice, on page 14, paragraph 8, I admits that after Patrick and I separated, I later moved back to Florida; and in paragraph 9 I admit that I left our son in Phoenix when I moved back to Florida.

In paragraph 12, I admit that Patrick contacted me in 2005.  And I don’t indicate that I made any attempt to maintain contact at that point or that I had any interest in maintaining contact.

In paragraph 13 (on page 15), I say that over the next few years Patrick only “allowed sparing contact” between me and our son.  I may described the contact as “sparing”, but I admit there was contact.

In paragraph 14, I admit that in 2009 I found out Patrick was in a federal detention facility and that I “demanded” to know where our son was, and that Patrick refused to tell me.  But then I did nothing further in the matter.  Patrick was in custody!  He couldn’t go anywhere!  All of his phone calls were being recorded!  The detention facility, ICE, or any other number of sources could have told me where our son was.  I could have notified the family court at that time.  But I didn’t do any of that.  I just didn’t really care!

In paragraph 15, I admit that it was Patrick who tracked me down and contacted me in 2011.


Some of you might think, perhaps, the attached declaration is a forgery.  But, again, it’s filed with the Superior Court of Los Angeles, the case number is right there on the first page of the document.  You can just as easily obtain a copy directly from the court.


Accusing a person of taking a child from a biological and custodial parent, then deliberately hiding that child from that parent for a period of 9 years is an extremely serious allegation.  That type of allegation can easily ruin a person’s whole life.  Yet, I will readily make such an allegation against Patrick.  That is just the type of person I am!


18 Responses to The Best Proof That I’m Lying About My Ex-Husband Hiding Our Son From Me for 9 Years – My Own Sworn Testimony

  1. Rp says:

    Yes we got it. She is fucked up. But so are you with your equally as crazy antics. Your son was the worst parents in history contest. Her sworn declaration and this website proves how horrible his parents are.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Really? That’s it? So now she has gone on national television accusing me of abducting our child and absconding with him and I’m not supposed to be allowed to show proof that she’s full of crap and I’m innocent? Come on, dude!

      • Rp says:

        At the end of the day your BOTH ruining your child. Doesn’t matter who started it or ended it. When it’s all said and done with your antics and the things she has done, you are both at fault. You both win the award for worst parents ever because of the viciousness of attacks on both ends which IS NOT in the best interest of your child. You are both screwing with his future.

        • Patrick Fox says:

          The moment my son tells me he’s being adversely affected by my actions, or that he would prefer I remove this website I would. As long as he doesn’t care then I don’t consider that argument legitimate.

          • Rp says:

            Some kids internalize issues that are deeply hurtful to them.

          • ChangedPerspective says:

            “Some kids internalize issues that are deeply hurtful to them.”

            Yes, SOME kids do. SOME don’t. As you’re neither his caretaker or his psychologist, and have never met the child, you have no room to assume what this child is doing internally.

            • Sage's_Friend_From_TJI says:

              As a good friend of Sage, I can confidently say that Sage is a very care-free guy and would laugh at all of this if he looked into it. He couldn’t care less about any of this.

          • ChangedPerspective says:

            The drama of a mother who chooses the wrong men her whole life, including Patrick (sorry, but it’s true. You’re in the wrong on this, as well but that would take some time for me to sit and write out), is indeed horrible. You’re correct. You’re still not his psychologist, nor his psychiatrist. Just a stranger reading what evidence we have on a website. You have no room to make assumptions on what this kid is internalizing. Take a seat.

      • RM says:

        Am I missing something? On the pdf, I see you listed as petitioner and if so, then pg 14, paragraph 8 is verification you allowed your wife to take your child. It indicates it was with petitioner’s permission.


        • Patrick Fox says:

          Yes, I am the petitioner in our divorce and child custody proceeding, Desiree’s the respondent.

          Desiree didn’t inform me she was moving to Florida or that she had left our son in Phoenix. I found out from Desiree’s mother. As soon as I found out I went to Phoenix to get him, brought him back to Los Angeles and filed for divorce and custody. Moreover, her statement about my permission is irrelevant because she didn’t need my permission to move to Florida – there was no custody order at that time.

  2. WhoreLover says:

    Hey Patrick, do you think if I flash some cash and pot around her I can nail her? Drugged up money-loving whores are fun to fuck! And I see she likes it in the ass with Crisco! Awesome!

    This is one of my favorite web sites EVER. I look ever day for new posts.

  3. doug king says:

    This is a great site. I admire your not backing down. So many just roll over. With truth as your friend you have nothing to fear. Bravo

  4. BeenThere says:

    No, I don’t believe he will ever lose respect for his father over this. A part of him will want to but ultimately he will blame himself because he’s the underlining reason for the site – also he will remember that didn’t object to it at the time.

  5. Pork Chop says:

    Fucking hilarious! A few days ago everybody was calling Patrick a loser, to move on, blah blah blah… Now that they’ve truly seen the whole picture, or they shut up, or pull another thing to point their finger at ( now it looks like it’s the “you’ve put your son at danger with putting his mother’s address on the website” card). The truth shall set you free!

  6. Kenny says:

    Awesome story ! When will we see a movie with this drama?? Women like this are incredible !

  7. Lloyd says:

    Is it true the RCMP took you in for questioning about this site but couldn’t find anything to charge you with? I hear the B.C. attorney general is looking into changing the law. Apparently, she wants to protect the reputations of drug users who snatch 10 year old children from their fathers using misandist laws.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      Yes, the RCMP arrested me (based on Desiree’s allegations), interviewed me, investigated, then decided Desiree was full of shit and just trying to use a criminal harassment charge to try to get this website taken down.

      The CBC tried to create the impression the Attorney General was considering changing the laws, but that’s just nonsense to get ratings/readers. No law is going to be changed because of this story being in the media.

  8. Chris Sweeney says:

    Like I’ve said before I for one can attest to who sick,warped,and messed up Desiree is.I worked with her and James at Apollo before she was FIRED for missing work,coming to work high,doing drugs in the parking lot,and horrible work performance,plus the fact she didn’t get along with anyone here and nobody that I know of liked her.She used to come in reeking of the smell of pot,she though none of us noticed,uh,duh,we did ! I remember seeing here and he meth-head boyfriend on local TV after he was busted for stealing guns,using and selling meth,and she was still living with him while he was out on bail,he’s now serving a lot of years in prison for all this and all this time Desiree had both of her son’s living with her during all the drugs and guns and mess,yeah,what a model mom she is.Desiree told many of us at work that she didn’t really want another kid around,she likes drugging and going to bars,but that she was really trying to get back at Patrick the most and make him miserable,she really didn’t care about her son,or sons,because they always get in the way of her partying,drugging,and going to bars playing pool all, the time.I know we all at Apollo are glad she’s gone,as well as James,he was about worthless as well,but the time she worked here gave us all an good look to how screwed up this women ( ?) is !

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