The Irrefutable Proof That My Claims of Being Afraid for My Safety Are Bullshit

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So, now that I’ve gone on national television and tried to convince the world that I’m really afraid for my safety because I believe Patrick is going to “kill me”, I’d like to show you the actual police reports James Pendleton and I filed in this matter.

Sahuarita Police Reports

Notice what is stated on page 3:

I asked James if [Patrick] has made any threats towards him or his girlfriend and he said no.

Then, the reporting officer states:

I advised James that with no threats or harassing behavior made against him then I would need to speak with Desiree.

So, James and I are now alleging that Patrick threatened to “kill me” in January 2015, yet somehow, on July 20, 2015 we both said Patrick had never threatened us! How can that be?

Simple – I’m full of shit. No really. My interest is only in getting this website taken down and if I have to falsely claim my life is being threatened in order to accomplish that then I won’t think twice about accusing a person of something they didn’t do. That’s Desiree!

You may notice that my allegation of Patrick threatening to kill me actually started out as only mentioning, in passing, that he had a discussion with our son wherein the question of whether he would shoot me came up. And, as time progressed and I wasn’t getting my way then the allegation became increasingly extreme. Again, that’s just Desiree.

But don’t take my word for it. Check the police report. I, literally, just received it today.

Ah, those wonderful freedom of information laws in the US.


22 Responses to The Irrefutable Proof That My Claims of Being Afraid for My Safety Are Bullshit

  1. James says:

    Ok first off great excellent job, this stupid bitch deserves all this and more…never ever stop fight the law fight and fight I am so proud that ur doing this to ur ex…women want equal rights and shit fairness well let the truth flow I say JUST SPEAK THE TRUTH NEVER LET HER FORGET HER NASTY DIRTY PAST…men get screwed by courts all the time I’m so happy ur doing this excellent work great job…Btw is ur son with u now in B.C ??

    • Patrick Fox says:

      My son is still with her in Arizona. There is a lot of bias in favor of mothers in the family courts – even mothers that had nothing to do with the child for all his life. He’s consistently told the court he wants to come back with me and the court just keeps postponing things.

    • Megan says:

      Yes, you privileged men have it so hard. If you want fairness don’t hide behind a blank picture. Grow a pair. I suspect you hate the idea of woman being equal to you, or worse yet superior.

      • Fuck Off says:

        Another feminist bitch talking about male privilege when actually there is no more privileged segment in our society than white women. Women men’s superior? Just about everything you use day in and day out that gives you your standard of living, including the keyboard on the computer you use to publish your shit to the internet, was created not by women but by men. There probably wouldn’t even be candle light in homes if humanity had to rely on women for its scientific advancement. We wouldn’t even have the wheel, much less automobiles.

      • Darwinist says:

        White women are the most privileged group in our society.

        Women superior to men?

        We are equal but with different functions.

        If society had to rely on women for its scientific achievement, we wouldn’t have keyboards and computers, the internet, electricity, the motor car, or even the wheel. We probably wouldn’t even have harnessed fire, because you would be too cowardly and afraid.

  2. Wise Man says:

    Hey Man, this is pure obsession… I suggest you get psychological help.. You suffer from rejection and I believe you didn’t stop loving your wife… She moved on and you should let her go… You are wasting your precious time and it will only make you so small… The only victim here is your kid… You are pushing him to the edge of suicide… If not physically at least socially. You’ll end up either in jail or killing yourself what a waste.

    • Patrick Fox says:

      I disagree with your assumption that my actions are motivated by an inability to “let go”. I would say I’m motivated much more by a desire to seek reciprocity for the things she has done to me and our son.

      I really don’t understand how some people are able to completely dismiss the things she’s done over the past 4 years.

      • Number 6 says:

        It’s because these people are stupid and have not actually read or fully understood the things she’s done to you, nor the extent of your suffering. I suspect they just come here, read a few lines, look at some pics, and then give their 2 cent knee jerk reaction. Wise Man and this Megan character are clear cut examples of that.

  3. Damn! says:

    I am so glad you documented and saved everything. Sadly, CBC is trying to make her out to be a victim while she was the one clearly plotting against you and even demonstrated it in the emails. This is just like what a lot of media is doing to Jian Ghomeshi. They paint him as some terrible person even after all the proof comes out.

  4. Patrick Fox says:

    Some of you might notice that I have been approving ALL of the comments people have been posting on this site – not just the ones in my favor.

    You see, that is the difference between Desiree and I. I believe in telling the truth even when it’s not in my interests. Desiree will simply lie or make things up to make herself look like the victim and get people’s sympathy.

    • CBC extreme feminist nonsense. says:

      It is also seems to be a big difference between you and the CBC. Besides cherry picking what it makes news — from a feminist perspective, the cbc’s censors disable comments that disagree with the message it is trying to promote.

    • truthteller says:

      Yes, you’ve also been “approving” all your own comments made under multiple names. There can’t be more than one of you who is that illiterate and mentally ill.


      • Darwinist says:

        Anyone who disagrees with femifascists, is mentally ill and illiterate, in femfascist speak.

  5. Chris Sweeney says:

    You people writing these reply’s have no idea about Desiree.I worked with her and James until she was FIRED from her job for missing work,poor work performance ,and coming to work high ! James was let go after his contract was up for poor work performance and has since been replaced.Desiree used to brag about being a stripper when she was in Florida and how she used to do some of the best coke at parties with her ex,you think that’s a model mother or person ? Read the stuff about her,she lived with a White Supremist who is now serving time in prison for stealing firearms from a store and possession and distribution of meth that him and her were both using,again,model person and mom,yeah right.Like the site or not the bottom line is ,as you can see in the e-mails and ACTUAL court documents that 99% of this all is true,he has the facts to back it up,again,model person or mom,really ?

    • truthteller says:

      Hi, Richard! Or is it Patrick, today?



      Your illiterate style is hard to hide, you know. p.s. gave yourself way with your own brand of the word supremacist when you use “supremist”. Nobody else says that but illiterates like you. Tsk. Tsk.

      • BlackChevy says:

        Have you read what you wrote?
        Illiterate style is a form of writing.
        Supremist is a word in the dictionary that means the exact same thing as supremacist, just spelled differently.

        Above you stated ” p.s. gave yourself way with your own brand…..”
        Do you care to explain where this form of English comes from?

        • Boffo says:

          You’re an idiot bud. Wholly fuck. SUPREMIST isn’t a word in ANY dictionary. So Patricky, you’re busted as the user of most of these ‘personas’ on this site. As well and in particular that of Chris Sweeney. Who does indeed work for Oracle, in Boston, and has never met or heard of either Desiree or Pendleton since he has never visited the offices out west. Patrick Fox or Rick Reiss , whatever you want to be known as, you should stop what you’re doing right now and listen to me. And listen close. Assuming other ID’s on line is illegal. You now have a history of committing ID fraud. This makes anything you have to type or say highly suspect. Not that I don’t believe you.Your ex is clearly a meth head loser and has been from a young age. The legal documents,emails, and pictures provided prove that.
          Unfortunately your obsession with revenge has twisted what I believe was once a fair and well meaning man. I’m imploring you to save yourself, for yourself and your son. He will be of legal age soon and able to make his own choices and decisions. Don’t allow further bad decisions to ruin that for the both of you. That being said, sneaking across the border with a gun is a horrible idea. No teenage boy is going to want to visit his pops in jail. You owe him your best efforts to look out for him and help guide and direct him on his early life, so that he doesn’t have to go through the grief you did. That’s our job as fathers. As Dads.
          Leave this website up, please, for it is more than hilarious, other than the sad sad history-of page. It should be a dreary life lesson to others.
          But instead of continuing to hate and fester, look inside yourself to the man that was. The man before the whore if you will. Would that man join you here? Or would he try and find new happiness and the potential for a bright future for he and his, to be then grown, son ?
          Your ex and yourself have gone to great lengths at each other’s expense to hurt one another. But I tell you this, man to man, the boy is the only one who will truly suffer.
          I don’t know you from Adam buddy, but I’ll extend you my advice for it is all I have to give, be the man you NEED to be, not the one you WANT to be. It is a harder row to hoe I’m sure, but I think a future for your son without worry of abuse or drug and alcohol abuse, a future of a decent education here in Canada or abroad. You can provide him all this. IF you can focus your energies on something worth expending them on. Your son man. Your boy.
          Forget that stupid bitch completely. He will be 16 soon, age of legal consent in most countries provinces and states. He can make his own choices then, you need to be in a position to be that choice buddy.
          Keep your stick on the ice Patrick, there are folks rootin for ya. You gotta put the boy first and the girl out of mind forever. For your kid man.
          Hope you get this.

    • Boffo says:

      Chris buddy remember me from BU? Thought you were Oracle in Boston , not Arizona . Steve said he seen you there just 2 weeks ago.

  6. Truth says:

    Wow Patrick, Although at first I thought you were a lunatic I must say,,, I totally understand where you are coming from! I too have been stuck in the family court system and Mom’s truly get away with MURDER!! I haven’t seen all the evidence of drug abuse and irresponsible parenting that you claim, but I totally believe your claims and its dumbfounding that courts would put a man through so much damn beaurocracy its depressing the state of affairs in the ‘modern world’. I salute you for finding a medium to fire back because I know how frustrating it is to take the bull and be silent, even when you know the other party is FULL OF SHIT and a bad parent. I wish you the best but also remind you to focus on the child, although it is hard, someone has to be the bigger person and your love for your child should always be stronger than anything else. Almost every man going through divorce goes through this same CRAP. When will it end? It’s almost laughable how deeply entrenched this feminist point of view has corrupted our family court system into following the guideline of women are the victims and should be believed while men are always at fault and must prove their innocence, all the while while being examined under a microscope and suspected of being the liars. FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!

  7. No Needtoknow says:


  8. M says:

    I can’t believe this actually exists.

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