It’s been a while… David Eby still sucks

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Hello to all!

We miss the wonderful and supportive community on this site, especially those that have been sending numerous emails of moral support and general shit talk. The admin team manages several sites, but this is a prized piece as it fights power especially when it is abused. This website will continue to stand for freedom of speech and expression. No one should be punished by any governments for simply writing and publishing factual information.

When we took over control of this website our goal was to keep an archive, and ensure that no information was ever wrongfully deleted by way of unlawful court orders, law enforcement scare tactics, etc… but now it seems that it is crucial, more than ever, to use this website as a medium to continuously fight the unlawful and unjust arrests and jailing of Patrick Fox. The British Columbia (BC) Attorney General David Eby has failed on numerous accounts to ensure proper judicial process, right to fair trial (Without unethical manipulations), and full disclosure. The BC Prosecution Service has been running a back handed, and completely unjust game of capture and release to please the media. For way too long now Patrick Fox has been released numerous times and subsequently arrested each time on bogus breach charges… Some of which state that he failed to take down this website… WE own and control it, furthermore, that is the exact point why we took over in the first place, to prevent bogus and unjust orders being put on Patrick Fox and forcing him to remove something that should stand as it is a right under freedom of expression.

We hope that those who have pledged support for this fight will continue to do so, and without fear. Keep up the good work, we see you and appreciate every bit of help. This community will thrive, and remain unshaken by the unjust BC Justice system.


– Your lovely Admin Team.

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